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Business Management & Marketing
Information Systems and Social Media (BBA) - UNIC (Nicosia)
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Information Systems and Social Media (BBA) - UNIC (Nicosia)

University of Nicosia
On campus
4 Years

Program Description

The bachelor in Information Systems and Social Media (BBA) aims to provide a solid background in all areas of Business Administration and more specialized knowledge in Information Systems and Social Media.

In line with the University of Nicosia’s philosophy of providing comprehensive general education and specialized knowledge and skills, the bachelor in Information Systems and Social Media (BBA) offers students the opportunity to combine learning in a wide range of academic disciplines with business-related areas and to develop their critical thinking, communication, and creativity skills.

It aims to develop students individually and academically and to prepare them to work ethically in a changing multicultural environment. The variety and range of courses offered in the bachelor in Information Systems and Social Media (BBA), as well as the culture of open discussion that characterizes the university, contribute to the comprehensive education of the students.

Entry Requirements

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Objective of the Program

More specifically, the general objectives of the program are to:

  • Develop expertise in key areas of Business Administration including Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Decision Making, and Marketing.
  • Highlight the changing nature of business and the importance of understanding the global business environment.
  • Provide understanding of the ethical issues arising from business decisions and the importance of making reasoned decisions, recognizing the complexity and diversity of the environment.
  • Develop leadership negotiation, communication and English language skills.
  • Provide basic knowledge of Mathematics, Statistics, Research Methods and Information Technology.
  • Offer the option of choosing diverse courses from other fields that interest students.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Improve research, writing and presentation skills.

The concentration in Information Systems and Social Media aims to provide specialization in the area of Information Systems and Social Media. The concentration’s main objectives are the following:

  • Present and analyze recent developments in Information Systems as they are applied in business contexts.
  • Provide the skills and competencies needed in developing a complete and strategic social roadmap that delivers on technical and business requirements.
  • Apply state of the art authoring tools to develop web-based applications.
  • Provide expertise in Social Media strategy and development.


Year 1

Semester 1

Accounting I

Principles of Microeconomics

Basic Writing

Finite Maths with Applied Calculus

Business Software Applications

Semester 2

Accounting II

Computer Fundamentals

Principles of Macroeconomics

Statistics I

Introduction to Management

Year 2

Semester 3

Managerial Accounting

Organizational Behavior

English Composition


General Psychology I

Semester 4

Business Ethics

Business Law

Business and Professional Communication

Managerial Finance

Principles of Sociology

Year 3

Semester 5

Research Methods in Business

Technologies for the Social Web

Information Systems Concepts

Web-based Applications Development

Semester 6

Business Communications

Human Resource Management

Project Management


Stop Motion Animation

Year 4

Semester 7

Analytical Decision Making

Mobile Collaboration

Business Intelligence

Digital Transformation Management

Information Search and Retrieval

Semester 8

Technical Writing and Research

Senior Simulation in Business

Knowledge Management

Information Systems Concepts

Information Systems Strategy

Jobs - Careers

  • General Management
  • Banking
  • Sales
  • Business Consulting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Convention and Event Planning
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Project Leader
  • Web Master
  • Web Developer
  • Interactive Content Specialist
  • Social Media Designer

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