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What is the platform of Brive and how does it work?

Brive is an online interactive platform that utilizes cutting-edge design, innovative features, and rich content to connect users with universities and educational providers. In the platform of Brive, users gain direct access to information on their education options by visiting various academic program pages (bachelors, masters, and more), and having the option to be extensively informed and/or enroll.

Why become a Briver?

As a Briver, you are a part of the most cutting-edge online educational community, you are empowered with ideal study recommendations for you, and gain a variety of unique benefits! Brivers can create their own profile, that is visible to other members, search for the best academic programs based on specific criteria, express their interest in programs in just a few clicks, enjoy rewards for every action they perform on the platform, collect points they can redeem on exciting discounts, review and see reviews for academic programs, take the Compatibility and Professional Orientation Tests for absolutely free, and receive personalized updates.

What are the conditions to become a Briver?

Brive is about you, regardless of your age, field, academic level, or location! We provide the ability to anyone, anywhere, to create a profile and enroll in education programs.

How does the reward points system of Brive work?

By performing various actions on the platform (like inviting friends, joining the newsletter, and completing all the fields of your profile), you collect reward points - or brive points. Twenty (20) points are equivalent to 1€. Points can be used in the form of a discount on any of the available educational programs. You can redeem the corresponding points, if and when you get accepted in one of the programs.

How can I express interest for an academic program?

By completing the corresponding application form on the page of the academic program that interests you. In case you wish to learn more information about a program, you can send your message using the contact form on the page of the Educational Institution that provides it.

What is the Compatibility Test of Brive?

It is a free, brief test available exclusively on Brive, aiming to suggest academic programs that perfectly align with the skills and criteria of every user. By completing the Compatibility Test, you will be receiving personalized suggestions that go hand-in-hand with your educational and professional background, as well as your available budget. Moreover, you will be able to see your precise compatibility proportion with various educational programs, every time you come across them on the platform.

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad does not just offer a unique life experience, but also a variety of benefits! For example, the duration of study programs abroad is usually shorter, compared to programs in Greece. Moreover, the study approach in foreign programs focuses equally on theoretical and practical education. Finally, universities abroad have modern facilities, contemporary technology, and a wide network of connections and collaborators, offering an exceptional level of studies and exciting career perspectives.

Why doesn't the option to redeem points appear on some study programs?

This can occur either if a study program is offered for free or if its tuition fees are not yet available.

How can I redeem my points?

Initially, you should have your email and mobile phone number confirmed on the platform of Brive! Then, you just have to apply to your preferable study program (or programs) and select whether you want to redeem the corresponding points in case you enroll. If you become accepted by the university and complete your enrollment to it, you will receive an email from us, in which we will inform you that you have ensured the tuition discount you are eligible for and that your points have been subtracted from your profile.

What is a career test?

A **career test (or career quiz)** is a set of targeted questions regarding the subject's individual interests, skills, and talents. When someone takes an **online career test**, their answers are instantly analyzed through a standardized process that leads to quick and accurate results on what career path they should follow and which educational program can best guide their steps. A **career aptitude test** helps candidates make the right decisions about their professional future. Also, it helps them find studies tailored to their dreams, goals, and ambitions. Picking the **right program** is a critical step for any candidate. Research has shown that those who choose studies matching their personality are more likely to be happy with their career later. Also, they are far more likely to become successful in their profession.

Why take a career test?

A **free career test** is the best way for someone to discover their talents and potential, whether they plan to study or not. **Career test for high school students:** Brive's online career test provides high-schoolers searching for their academic path with select options from the best bachelor's programs internationally. **Career test for students (undergraduates):** University students can use Brive's online career aptitude test to find the best master's programs for their preferred specialization or explore their worldwide post-graduate options early on. **Career test for adults (graduates or professionals):** It's true that learning never stops. Brive's online career test is an excellent research tool for graduates looking to continue at a higher level abroad. Also, for professionals who want to pursue a career outside Greece and boost their bio with a part-time degree.

What are the benefits of Brive’s free career test?

**Brive's career aptitude test** is compiled by a team of experts with a twenty-year background in the fields of international education and consulting. It's the only career quiz in Greece with an exclusive focus on educational institutions abroad. By taking the **career quiz**, you start your free membership on Brive's interactive platform, where you can create your individual educational and professional profile. That way, you can apply quickly and easily to your preferred programs without filling in a new form each time. Once you get your **career test results**, you can browse all the programs suggested for you, along with hundreds of first-class educational options from around the world.

I have taken Brive’s online career test. Now what?

After completing your **career aptitude test**, you can move on to the Brive University compatibility test. It's an excellent tool for narrowing your choices to programs that match your additional preferences like country, living standards, budget, professional expectations, etc. **Brive innovation:** You can apply to programs abroad with one click, bypassing otherwise complex procedures through your Brive profile and application history. Brive fast-tracks your application to the respective institutions, where it receives priority status. **Brive's career asessment test** and online platform are free for everyone. As a Brive member, you can keep a comprehensive record of your academic path and stay in touch with the latest advances in education worldwide. The platform includes dozens of new programs daily, bringing the world's educational map to your door. Additionally, Brive offers a generous rewards program. The more you use it, the more points you collect that you can later exchange for **tuition discounts** and other unique privileges. Take Brive's **online career test** today for free and lay the groundwork for a successful journey in higher education. **Become a briver!** Your Future Is Brive #BeBrive

When should I apply to claim one of the Brive 2023 scholarships;

You must apply to a study program through Brive from **15/10/2022** to **30/09/2023**. Before the deadline, you must have: + completed your application to the program of your choice through Brive, + been accepted at the program, and + paid the first installment of your tuition fees, if required.

What type of scholarship can I claim?

You can claim one of the following scholarships for on-campus graduate degrees or on-campus post-graduate degrees: + A 5,000€ scholarship for programs with tuition fees above 12,000€ + A 3,000€ scholarship for programs with tuition fees between 8,001€ and 12,000€ + A 2,000€ scholarship for programs with tuition fees between 4,000€ and 8,000€

Is there a cost of participation for claiming one of the Brive 2023 scholarships?

No. Signing up for a Brive membership, applying online to an educational program, and having an expert consultant review your application is absolutely free!

Can I apply to more than one program through Brive?

Yes. After you complete your first application, you can use Brive’s one-click applying method to submit more applications to other institutions. To claim a Brive 2023 scholarship, you may complete up to three applications.

How do I get the scholarship if I’m one of your beneficiaries?

The exact amount of your scholarship is transferred directly to the educational institution you have been accepted into as part of your tuition fees.

I have more questions. What can I do?

For more information, you can review the Terms of Participation or call us at (+30) 2152159858 or (+30) 2102209858.

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