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FAQs | Study Abroad

Why study abroad?


Studying abroad does not just offer a unique life experience, but also a variety of benefits!

Universities abroad have modern infrastructures, advanced technological equipment and an extensive network of connections and partners, providing a top notch level of studies and, simultaneously, impressive career and immediate employment prospects.

Finally, preparing for studying abroad is simplified with the guidance of Brive's specialized study advisors, ensuring that the candidate has the best chances for being selected in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs abroad.

What supporting documentation do I need to study abroad?


As most universities abroad usually ask the same or similar documents as necessary supporting documentation (officially translated into English), below we present to you some of them (indicatively):

Supporting Documents for studying abroad

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • English language Certification or Certification of the language the program is being taught
  • Personal Statement
  • Recommendation letters (from secondary school teachers or principals)
  • CV (In specific cases)
  • Portfolio (In specific cases)

Documents for postgraduate studies abroad

  • University degree or degree from an equivalent institution
  • English language Certification or Certification of the language the program is being taught
  • Personal Statement (or stating the purpose and motivation for postgraduate studies)
  • Recommendation letters (from academic professors or employers)
  • Detailed CV
  • Portfolio (In specific cases)
  • GMAT/GRE test results (In specific cases)

What is “Foundation”?


Foundation is a period of two semesters before starting the main program of a bachelor's degree and is mainly for those who do not meet all the admission criteria for a program.

Foundation Year or Year 0 is ideal for students who wish to study in universities abroad, where English is not the main language, since they will be taught in the language of the courses.
In addition, this year you will acquire an overview of the study field you have chosen. Immediately after, you will be ready for direct admission to Year 1 of your studies with a solid foundation.

Finally, keep in mind that a preparatory year does not require many hours of studying/attending, thus leaving you free time and more room to adjust to a new country. It also introduces you to the respective educational system, while at the same time immersing you in the corresponding language and teaching methods.

Talk to a Brive consultant about doing a Foundation Year and put their experience to your advantage with a free consultation session.

What are the study abroad application deadlines?


Application dates vary depending on the country and educational institution of your choice! For example, for admission to English universities, the first deadline for submitting an application at undergraduate level is mid-January (15/1).

However, you can apply later, up to the summer period (clearing), if there are still open positions in the program of your interest.

Aiming at your success, we make sure to provide you with the appropriate information and study consulting, in order for you to always complete all the procedures for submitting your application within the respective deadlines. Express your interest in time to receive all the information you need in detail!

What options are there for student accommodation abroad?


Most universities abroad have private residences (dorms) for their students. The candidates who reach in time to the university they wish to study and meet the admission criteria, can also proceed with their residence application

Alternatively, if the candidate does not get a place in the university dormitory in time, he has the option of a private dormitory or an apartment. Student residences abroad usually offer 9-month contracts, covering the relevant bills.

On the contrary, apartments offer 12-month contracts and usually require the student to take on the responsibility of paying bills etc.

Keep in mind that most universities prioritize housing for first-year students to ensure socializing and safety. At Brive, we provide you with guidance on applying for accommodation in a student residence, while at the same time we help you find an apartment if you wish.

What is the cost of studying abroad?


The cost of studying abroad is often a deterrent to even researching options to study abroad. It is a fact that this rumor is only partially true.

At Brive you will discover study options in countries with free tuition, low tuition fees and scholarships abroad that will make your studies more affordable. Outside the borders, universities usually offer accommodation in student residences at a low cost, meal vouchers or affordable on-campus restaurants, as well as advice on part-time jobs.

There are various ways to make your dream come true. Fill out the registration form for a free study consultation and come to us to discover together the ways to help you start your career! By choosing Brive for your applications you are not burdened financially and you gain an experienced ally who will offer you support throughout your studies.

What about scholarships abroad?


Many universities offer scholarships to their students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. So, once you have chosen the university you wish to study at, we undertake to inform you about the existence of possible scholarships and direct you accordingly, provided you meet the corresponding conditions.

Scholarships abroad are plentiful, especially at institutions that offer tuition-based programs. In addition to scholarships awarded by universities, independent organizations globally offer multiple study support programs. All we need to do is discover them!

Also, if you are interested in studying in countries with no tuition fees for European citizens, such as Sweden, the scholarships are less and usually given to students from non-EU countries (who are required to pay tuition fees).

Finally, note that, in addition to the scholarships given by universities and organizations, here you will also find the Brive Scholarships for studying abroad! All you have to do to claim them is to use the innovative Brive platform to apply to Universities abroad.

Are there student loans for studying abroad?


There are several options for obtaining student loans for studying abroad. Student loans usually have more favorable interest and repayment terms and do not require a real estate mortgage.

What does free studying abroad counseling include?


By filling out the form, a Brive specialized consultant will contact you to answer all your questions. Moving to study abroad can be a stressful process, which you don't have to undergo alone.

With the right support in applications for studying, accommodation and scholarships, you gain an ally that accompanies you throughout the entire process. Study consulting, moreover, is not only limited to guidance on choosing a program and university, but also includes applications, interview preparation, as well as valuable help with paperwork.