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Forensic Science
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Forensic Science

Anglia Ruskin University
Cambridge, Great Britain
On campus
 2483 Points
3 Years

Program Description

Our course will teach you the principles of forensic science, from crime scene to court room. Based in our £45m Science Centre in Cambridge, you’ll analyse and investigate a range of evidence in crime scene rooms and the forensic lab.

With a focus on chemical and biological analysis, you’ll find out what that evidence means. We look at ways to ‘read’ data, interpret the results and present your evidence in court. You’ll get hands-on with specialist analytical equipment, under the guidance of expert tutors. And you’ll learn outside the classroom too, with visits to law courts and a local mortuary, and opportunities to work with local police forces and forensic labs.

• Tuition fees for students who have citizens' rights after Brexit: £9,250/year

Entry Requirements

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Year 1

United Kingdom Legal Systems and Law for Forensic Scientists

Applied Science for Forensic Investigators

Introduction to Forensic Photography and Methodologies

Personal and Professional Development - Level 4

Physical and Quantitative Chemistry for Forensic Scientists

Physical Criminalistics

Group Tutorials

Year 2

Forensic Genetics

Forensic Scene Examination

Forensic Spectroscopy Techniques

Chemical Criminalistics

Forensic Analytical Chemistry

Personal and Professional Development - Level 5

Group Tutorials

Ruskin Module

Year 3

Advanced Forensic Methodologies

Forensic Analysis of Drugs and Poisons

Forensic Pathology

Advanced Fire and Explosion Investigation

Forensic Anthropology

Undergraduate Major Project


As a forensic science graduate you’ll be ready to work in a range of careers including:

  • laboratory analysis
  • quality control analysis
  • crime scene investigation
  • policing

You can also explore roles in:

  • scientific and analytical-based jobs
  • research
  • teaching
  • further education

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