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Business Management & Marketing
Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (MSc) - Middlesex
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Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (MSc) - Middlesex

Middlesex University
London, Great Britain
On campus
 2348 Points
1 Year
Start date
Sep 2023

Program Description

The master's in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (MSc) is focused entirely on developing your employability skills.

You will work on developing your own business ideas and have a business mentor to support you along the way. You will also spend time in a workshop producing prototypes of your innovations. Your assignments include real-life projects with local charities and businesses. You will also learn skills such as collaborative online software (MIRO) and basic video editing skills such as Moovly.

In a world that now comprises a very real and thriving 'enterprise culture', this course takes you through the entire process of concept, development, and execution of starting a business. With entrepreneurship insights from specialist management disciplines, you will develop practice-based skills and knowledge in strategy and logistics, as well as an understanding of innovation networking from a behavioral perspective.

We will build on your ability to make confident decisions, help you spot market opportunities, adopt team working skills, apply critical attitudes towards leadership, think creatively and develop as an entrepreneurial leader. You will then apply these skills in a number of situations, including the mentoring of undergraduates with entrepreneurial aspirations and working on live cases to innovatively solve problems for small enterprises.

Entry Requirements

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Venture Development


Entrepreneurial Finance

Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Applied Project

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Digital Marketing

Developing Business Networks for Entrepreneurs (Optional)

Developing new products and services (Optional)

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (Optional)


  • Business Owner
  • Project Coordinator
  • Start-Up Manager
  • Business Development Officer

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