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Medicine & Health
BSc in Pharmacy (Frederick University)
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BSc in Pharmacy (Frederick University)

Frederick University
On campus
 840 Points
5 Years

Program Description

The aim of the Program is to prepare students scientifically and professionally as perfectly competent in the science of drugs and bioactive compounds, for employment in the private sector, i.e. pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, health care centers, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and in the public sector, such as hospitals, ministries, and health care services.

The curriculum provides the academic background to fulfill the obligations of a drug specialist in a highly diversified, developed, and demanding social environment.

The Program of Study aims to provide Cyprus and the surrounding region with scientists who will be specialists in various areas of pharmacy.

More specifically, scientists will be specialized in the development and control of drugs and will be able to successfully work in the pharmaceutical industry. Our aim is not only to enable them to respond as specialists in the area of pharmacy but also to be capable to provide the public with responsible, scientific, and accurate advice on drug use and safety, drug-drug, and drug-food interaction, and advice on narcotics and poisons.

Moreover, graduates of this Program will be specialists in areas of drug design, development, production, and control, as well as cosmetics. Furthermore, they will be specialized in the development and use of the local pharmaceutical flora and its agricultural, commercial, and scientific exploitation.

There may be additional costs by this University.

Entry Requirements

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Learning Outcomes

  • To offer students knowledge and skills for employment in the private and public sector as professional pharmacists with specific qualifications.
  • To provide an integrated academic and practical background in pharmacy in order to adapt to rapid scientific and technological advancements.
  • To provide the students with the necessary means rendering them capable to perform research of high quality.
  • To introduce the students in the modern pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and public services.
  • To educate the students so that they undertake an active role in the protection and safety of the natural and social environment from the use of bioactive products.
  • To apply the practical experience in order to reinforce their theoretical knowledge involving their role as advisors to contemporary social problems such as addiction and use of narcotics, poisoning, etc.
  • To develop assessment and evaluation skills in the drug industry and market.
  • To develop the ability to reason methodically and abstractly, in order to foresee trends in pharmacotherapy, drug innovation, production, drug use and misuse.
  • To introduce students in the modern pharmaceutical environments, pharmaceutical business, hospitals and government offices.


Year 1

Semester 1

Basic English for Pharmaceutical Sciences

General and Inorganic Chemistry

General Physics

General Biology

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences

Free Elective

Semester 2

Intermediate English for Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mathematics I

Analytical Chemistry

Elements of Botany

Human Anatomy

Free Elective

Year 2

Semester 3

Physical Chemistry Organic Chemistry I


Chemistry of Bioactive Natural Compounds


Semester 4

Organic Chemistry II

Biochemistry I

Physical Pharmacy

Food Chemistry and Nutritional Science

Hygiene and Emergency Therapeutics

Year 3

Semester 5

Molecural Biology

Biopharmacy & Pharmacokinetics

Inorganic & Bioinorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Analysis I

Biochemistry II

Semester 6

Molecular Pharmacology

Pharmaceutical Chemistry I

Pharmaceutical Technology I

Pharmacology I

Pharmaceutical Immunology & Immunochemistry

Year 4

Semester 7

Pharmaceutical Chemistry II

Pharmaceutical Technology II

Pharmaceutical Analysis II and Drug Control


Pharmacology II

Semester 8

Clinical Pharmacy & Drug Interactions

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Biotechnology


Design,discovery & Development of Drugs

Chemistry & Technology of Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics

Diploma Project

Year 5

Semester 9

Practical Training I

Semester 10

Pharmaceutical Legislation, Law & Ethics

Practical Training II


  • pharmacies
  • hospitals
  • clinics
  • health care centres
  • the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
  • hospitals
  • ministries
  • other health services

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