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General Nursing

Frederick University
Nicosia, Cyprus
972 Points
4 Years

Program Description

The Program of General Nursing focuses on health promotion, health risk reduction, disease prevention, on care of sick individuals, families, groups, on management and rehabilitation. The nursing education provides a strong foundation for the development of clinical reasoning required for the practice of professional nursing. The Program constitutes a balance between the academic and the practical directions. It prepares its graduates for direct employment as General Nurses and lays the foundation for graduate studies in the field of Nursing.

Entry Requirements

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High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Required Documents
ID Certified Copy
Passport Certified Copy
Certified Copy of the High School Diploma (or equivalent)

Information about admission:

  • Candidates for a bachelor degree program should submit a school leaving certificate from a recognized six-form secondary school (high school) with an average grade of 75% (Greek Cypriot secondary schools) or a grade “C” or its equivalent (other secondary schools), or equivalent qualification. Candidates who submit a six-form secondary school leaving certificate but do not meet the above grade requirements may be admitted on a probationary status, if they show potential for educational advancement. The probationary status will be removed, subject to a satisfactory academic performance. Candidates admitted on probationary status may also be asked to enroll in foundation courses in order to improve their skills and/or to take reduced load.
  • A recent certificate of good conduct issued by the police of the candidate's country of origin or residence, if necessary translated in Greek or English. The good conduct certificate should be original and issued less than 6 months prior to the beginning of the semester for which the student is applying. The names and titles of the persons issuing and certifying the document should be clearly stated therein.


  • Personal interviews are not normally required as part of the admission process; however, Frederick University reserves the right to request an interview before making a final decision on accepting an applicant.

More information:

  • There may be an additional application fee by this University.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply appropriate nursing science knowledge for nursing care needs assessment and for planning implementing and evaluating the provided nursing care.
  • Apply and evaluate different methodologies relevant to nursing.
  • Demonstrate insight into central theories, methodologies and concepts within the nursing profession.
  • Utilize research and use the results for applying evidence-based nursing care.
  • Discuss sophisticated professional and academic nursing issues with specialists, non experts and lay people in a clear manner.
  • Analyse and Synthesise nursing related concepts and demonstrate an ability to apply knowledge in practice.
  • Demonstrate an ability to practise nursing in a caring and sensitive manner respecting the rights, beliefs and wishes of different individuals and groups.
  • Understand and be effective in responding to patient needs by planning, implementing and evaluating individualised programmes of care by working in partnership with patients, carers, families and other health and welfare professionals.
  • Demonstrate awareness on the forefront of knowledge in the field of nursing.
  • Demonstrate ability to apply.
  • Demonstrate competency in oral and written communication skills, as well as in the use of relevant technologies and tools.


Year 1

Semester 1

Anatomy and Histology

Information Systems in Health

Biophysics and Radiology


Health Sociology

Introduction to Nursing

Semester 2




Basic Nursing Care I

Cell Biology and Genetics

Clinical Practice I

Clinical Teaching I (Basic Nursing Care I)

Year 2

Semester 3

Basic Nursing Care II

General Surgery

Dietetics and Nutrition

Internal Medicine and Pathophysiology I

Community Nursing I (Family Nursing Care)

Clinical Teaching II (Basic Nursing II)

Clinical Teaching III (Community Nursing I)

Semester 4

Internal Medicine and Pathophysiology II

Medical Nursing I

Epidemology and Biostatistics

Surgical Nursing I

Clinical Practice II

Clinical Teaching IV (Medical Nursing I)

Clinical Teaching V (Surgical Nursing I)

Principles of Teaching Nursing and Health Promotion

Year 3

Semester 5

Basic English for Nursing


Medical Nursing II

Research Methodology in Nursing

Surgical Nursing II

Clinical Teaching VI (Medical Nursing II)

Clinical Teaching VII (Surgical Nursing II)

Health Psychology

Semester 6

Intermediate English for Nursing

Paediatric Nursing

Gynecological Nursing and Maternity Nursing


Emergency Nursing

Community Nursing II

Clinical Practice III

Clinical Teaching VIII (Nursing Speciality I)

Clinical Teaching IX (Community Nursing II)

Year 4

Semester 7

Free Elective

Geriatric Nursing

Mental Health Nursing and Councelling

Intensive Care Nursing

Legal Issues and Deontology of the Nursing Profession

Clinical Teaching X (Mental Health Nursing)

Clinical Teaching XI (Intensive Care Nursing)

Technical Elective

Semester 8

Free Elective

Nursing Management

Research Project

Hospital Acquired Infections

Clinical Practice IV

Clinical Teaching XII (Nursing Speciality II)

Technical Elective


The graduates of the Program have the knowledge and skills required for assessing nursing care needs of individuals, families and population groups; planning and implementing nursing care for healthy and sick individuals, families and population groups according to the results of the assessment of nursing care needs; assessing the results of the implemented nursing care. The graduates of the Program fulfil the requirements for employment in the public or private health care sectors as:

  • General Nurses

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