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Alte University
Tbilisi, Georgia
 916 Points
6 Years

Program Description

The international school of medicine offers a one-step educational program in Dentistry (English). The program aims to give students deep systemic knowledge and develop practical skills in accordance with the international principles of dental education, to acquire clinical and research skills in the field of dentistry, and to prepare relevant education for ongoing learning and development to become a professional.

The learning process, along with theoretical teaching, is focused on developing practical skills. The student performs practically all the manipulations on the phantom that are provided by the program. This method of teaching is safe. The student has the opportunity to perform any manipulation or procedure on the phantom several times and then treat the patient under the supervision of A professor or lecturer. The university has its own dental clinic, which provides more opportunities for practical work.

In addition, the university cooperates with several dental clinics equipped with modern dental technologies and highly qualified dentists. Since oral health is an integral part of general health and oral diseases are correlated with systemic diseases, the program includes systemic disease training. The University collaborates with multidisciplinary hospitals to teach students about systemic diseases in a clinical setting. The program focuses on the development of research skills so that graduates can work and continue their studies In both practical and scientific fields.

Entry Requirements

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High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Vocational Certificate
English Level

Information about requirements:

  • Alte University will invite applicants for an online or face-to-face interview.

Other required documents:

  • Color photo-image 2 pieces, size 3 X 4 printed and an electronic version on disk
  • Copy of military registration certificate (For Boys) in the case of minor students, a parent ID card, or guardian ID card.

Other accepted English qualifications:

  • English Proficiency at the B2 Level

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