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Anglia Ruskin University
Cambridge, Great Britain
On campus
 2483 Points
3 Years

Program Description

On this course you’ll study the practical and theoretical aspects of modern politics and international relations, and thereby gain insights into our past, present and future on both a local and global scale. You’ll examine relevant political debates from a historical, philosophical and sociological perspective. In doing so, we‘ll go beyond the ‘high politics’ of traditional theories and the workings of parliaments. Instead, you’ll be able to develop your own specialisms in areas such as global diplomacy, international relations, and international issues like climate change; protest movements like Black Lives Matter; the devolution of power away from central government; the politics of the new media; the politics of gender, and the place of race in modern society.

• Tuition fees for students who have citizens' rights after Brexit: £9,250/year

Entry Requirements

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Year 1

From Climate Change to the Media: Structures, Ideas and Research Methods in Political Science

Global Sociology

Contemporary Inequalities

Rights and Responsibilities

Year 2

Contemporary African and Asian Politics

Brussels and Brexit: Contemporary European Politics

Ruskin Module

Mobilities and Migration

Making A Difference

Optional modules:

Globalisation and Security

The United States in the 20th Century

Sociology of Health Inequalities

Europe in the Age of the First World War

Britain in the 20th Century

Intoxicants and Intoxication

Year 3

Undergraduate Major Project

Politics and Social Media

Politics in Action

Optional modules:

Feminist Debates and Activism

Sport, Globalisation and International politics

Race, Racism and Cultural Identity

The Cold War: the World Divided

The Era of Thatcher and Blair

Wrestling with Trump: – the WWE and Modern Political Culture

Capitalism in Crisis: The Depression and War in Europe


This degree will equip you for many careers, including working in:

  • local government, charities and NGOs
  • the European and international organisations and agencies
  • the public services and criminal justice system
  • future energy policy and planning
  • security, negotiation and peacekeeping
  • communication and media
  • international political contexts, including UN conflict resolution and diplomacy

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