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Early Childhood Education
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Early Childhood Education

Lincoln University College
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
3 Years

Program Description

The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education prepares graduates to work in both early childhood and primary educational contexts. The course structure provides a community and school-based approach to teacher education with substantial opportunities for students to pursue studies in early childhood education and primary school education. This professional degree qualifies them to work as a teacher in preschools and long day care as a four-year trained teacher, as well as preparing them for employment in other parts of the children's and family services sector.

Entry Requirements

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High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Foundation Year
English Level

Alternative entry qualifications:

  • A Diploma in Early Childhood Education or its equivalent.
  • Any relevant qualifications recognized by Malaysian government.



Language, Communication and Literacy

Children Literature

Pedagogy: Supporting Development in the Early Years

Early Mathematics

Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization(TITAS)/ Malay communication

Child Growth and Development.

Contemporary Perspectives of Learning and Development for Early Childhood

Curriculum, Planning and Development for Early Childhood Education.

Health, Safety and Nutrition in ECE

Behaviour Guiding Young Children

Science and Technology in ECE

Families and Community Involvement in ECE

Spiritual and Morality Development in Early Childhood Education

Ethnic Relations/ Malaysian Studies

Advocating for Children: National and international Contexts

Partnering with community

Children with Special needs in ECE

Multiculturalism and Education

Leadership Skills and Human Relations

Arts and Creativity in ECE.

Government and Public Policy Malaysia

Theories of teaching and learning

Early learning and early environment

Issues in ECE

Community Service

Keeping Children safe from home

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships

Human Learning

Basic Chinese Language

Living and Learning in the Digital World

Learning Theory for Educators NEW Learning Theory in ECE.

Social study & Emotional Development

Research Methodology

Research Project

Programmes Plans and Development

Observation and Assessment

Playing in ECE

Practicum- Phase 2

Practicum- Phase 1

Management and Administration in ECE Centres


After completion of this course the students will develop skills in teaching children between 0-8 years of age.

The graduates would be qualified to find work as educators in various subjects of Science, commerce and basic learning.

They will be ready to work both locally and overseas in a profession with increasing demand around the world.

Job title:

  • Kindergarten teacher
  • Primary school teacher
  • Primary school teacher

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