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Entrepreneurship Economics
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Entrepreneurship Economics

VERN University of Applied Sciences
Zagreb, Croatia
 1365 Points
3 Years
Start date
Oct 2022

Program Description

The program Entrepreneurship Economics, designed as modern, multidisciplinary business studies, is aiming at developing students’ entrepreneurial spirit and skills, as well as acquiring broad business knowledge. It aims to develop initiative, creativity, communication skills, the ability to identify opportunities and assess acceptable business risks. The focus of all study activities is on diverse, multifunctional modern business education and the acquisition of skills applicable to contemporary business challenges.

During your studies, you will learn to recognize an entrepreneurial opportunity, learn how to formulate, communicate and suggest solutions to a business problem and develop innovative entrepreneurship solutions, to develop business strategy for growth of a dynamic entrepreneurial venture followed by a consistent business plan, to set up the organizational structure of an entrepreneurial venture and to design business and management functions & services.

Entry Requirements

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High School Diploma (or equivalent)

Additional Application Requirements:​

  • Birth certificate.
  • Health insurance: It is the student’s responsibility to have valid health insurance/health care accepted in Croatia during the whole study period.
  • Transcript of records from the secondary level of education in the original language (original or certified by an authorized institution).
  • TOFEL, IELTS certificates (not mandatory – only in case when a student has the certificates)
  • Proof of payment for the recognition procedure of educational documents in amount of 200 EUR (bank charges not included). Recognition procedure consists of: translation of all documents into Croatian language, diploma validation, cost of DHL in case applicant is rejected after the recognition procedure or visa procedure.
  • Bank statement - proof of sufficient funds to support oneself and pay for tuition fee with minimum amount of 12,000 EUR (bank statement from you, family and/or sponsor)

Important Information:

  • There may be an additional application fee by this University.


Year 1

1st semester:

Business Administration Software 1

Business English 1 (advanced level) or another foreign language

Business Mathematics

Croatian for Foreigners

Introduction to Business Psychology and Communication


2nd semester:

Business English 2 (advanced level) or another foreign language

Business Statistics

Macroeconomic Concepts

Understanding Marketing

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Foundations of Law

Year 2

3rd semester:

Basics of Accounting

Fundamentals of Management

Essentials of Business Finances

Foreign Language (Italian or German 1)

Commercial Law

Business Ethics and Entrepreneurial Culture

4th semester:

Business Administration Software 2

Foreign Language (Italian or German 2)

Organizational Behaviour

Strategic Management

Financial Management

International Trade

Year 3

5th semester:

Management Accounting

Business Plan

Dynamic Entrepreneurship

Business Administration Software 3

Marketing Plan

Public Tax Policies

6th semester:

Elective Module 1

Elective Module 2


Final Paper

A student can choose any two elective modules:

Elective Module A - HR Management, Business Simulation Game

Elective Module B - Market Research, Consumer Behaviour

Elective Module C - Design Thinking for Business, Social Innovation

Elective Module D - Public Relations, Public Speaking Skills

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