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Computer Science & IT
Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence (MSci) (with Placement Year)
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Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence (MSci) (with Placement Year)

Coventry University
On campus
 1073 Points
5 Years

Program Description

Computer science underpins almost all the science and technology that we rely on in the modern world. It is responsible for some of the most powerful problem-solving strategies known to mankind – the Internet, smart devices, artificial intelligence, robots and much, much more.

We aim to explore practical applications in industry, commerce, research and everyday life, and a combination of theory and practice in traditional areas of computer science, including programming and algorithms, computer architecture, networking, system design and implementation.

You should also explore some of the new and exciting areas of development in this ever-changing field such as machine learning, data science techniques, mobile app development and cryptography in software security.

Entry Requirements

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Year 1

Programming and Algorithms

Software Design

Mathematics for Computer Science

Object Orientated Programming

Computer Architecture and Networks

Database Systems

CS ALL Project 1

CS ALL Project 2

Year 2

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Software Engineering

Theory of Computation

Advanced Algorithms

Operating Systems and Security

Data Science

Big Data Programming Project

Placement Year

Professional Training

Year 4

Individual Project Preparation

Individual Project


Machine Learning and Applications

Neural Networks

Intelligent Agents

Year 5

Individual Research Project Preparation

Individual Research Project

Computer Vision

Web Applications and AI

Information Retrieval

Big Data Management and Data Visualisation

Advanced Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing


Our graduates have gone onto a variety of careers for computer scientists from which you could find yourself working in the private and public sector in areas such as:

  • software engineering
  • health
  • communications
  • education
  • life sciences
  • physical sciences
  • finance
  • manufacturing

Recent graduates who have developed successful careers in software security and project management include Naomi Holborough working as:

  • Security Engineer for Hewlett-Packard (HP), Vlad Ichim
  • IT manager for Revive! Auto Innovations (UK) Ltd.

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