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Arts, Design & Architecture
Bachelor in Interior Design (BA) - Frederick University
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Bachelor in Interior Design (BA) - Frederick University

Frederick University
On campus
 840 Points
4 Years

Program Description

The bachelor in Interior Design (BA) is shifted towards an Architectural orientation and it is also enriched with a broad Fine Art context. This allows a good balance of input between Architecture, Interior Design, and Art.

The bachelor in Interior Design (BA) is designed to prepare future professionals in the Interior Design field who will be functioning in the ever-changing world of the new century. Students acquire sufficient knowledge, techniques, and understanding of design, which enables them to use it as a foundation both for employment and academic understanding.

This program has been designed as the distinctive design of objects and spaces appropriate to their physical and social contexts.

Entry Requirements

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Learning Outcomes

  • Apply knowledge in art and design with a capacity for analysis and synthesis in the visual language in relation to space.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the spatial process utilising the capacity for organization and planning.
  • Demonstrate awareness on the forefront of knowledge in the field of interior design and on the emerging spatial and material technologies.
  • Use of visual, oral and written communication in native language.
  • Communicate with experts in other fields both within as well as the Art and Design field.
  • Demonstrate appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism both in cultural matters as well as in the Art and Design practise.
  • Demonstrate ability to work in an international context in the Art and Design process.
  • Demonstrate competency in oral and written communication skills, as well as in the use of relevant art and design problem solving and decision making processes.


Year 1

Semester 1

Fundamentals Of Drawing 1

Photography 1

Art Concepts & Contexts 1

Digital Image Making

Interior Design Studio 1

Semester 2

Fundamentals Of Drawing 2

Photography 2

Art Concepts & Context 2

Digital Drawing

Interior Design Studio 2

Year 2

Semester 3

Art Concepts & Context 3

Interior Design Studio 3

Computer-aided Design 1

Lighting Design 1

Material Applications

Semester 4

Academic Writing And Communication

Art Concepts & Context 4

Interior Design Studio 4

Computer-aided Design 2

Lighting Design 2

Year 3

Semester 5

Advanced Interior Design 1

History Of Interior Design 1

Advanced Computer-aided Design

New Material Innovation

Art & Design Elective

Semester 6

Advanced Interior Design 2

History Of Interior Design 2

Textile Design

Free Elective

Art & Design Elective

Year 4

Semester 7

Furniture And Product Design

Exhibition Design

Research Methodology

Free Elective

Art & Design Elective

Semester 8

Advanced Furniture And Product Design

Advanced Spatial Design Applications

Senior Project

Art & Design Elective

Jobs - Careers

  • Interior Designer
  • Architectural Drawer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Product Designer
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