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Saint Lucia

Master's in Saint Lucia - Requirements, Universities, Cost

Explore Master's degrees and programs in Saint Lucia. Find course requirements and fees. Apply online through Brive, get a free application review and achieve higher acceptance rates on your top university choices.

Master's in Saint Lucia - Requirements, Universities, Cost

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Field of Study
Business Management & Marketing
Law & Politics
Medicine & Health
Social Sciences & Psychology
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1 - 2 Years
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Public Health (Distance)

Monroe College (St. Lucia)

Castries, Saint Lucia
Master of Public Health (MPH)
2 Years

Public Administration (Distance)

Monroe College (St. Lucia)

Castries, Saint Lucia
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
2 Years

Forensic Psychology (Online) - Monroe College (St. Lucia)

Monroe College (St. Lucia)

Castries, Saint Lucia
Master of Science (MSc) in Forensic Psychology
2 Years

Criminal Justice (Distance)

Monroe College (St. Lucia)

Castries, Saint Lucia
Master of Science (MS) in Criminal Justice
2 Years

Business Administration (MBA) (Distance)

Monroe College (St. Lucia)

Castries, Saint Lucia
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
2 Years

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Why study for a Master’s degree in Saint Lucia?

Saint Lucia is a small, beautiful country in the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean it’s just a holiday destination. The country’s universities offer programs in a variety of fields, making it a great option for postgraduate studies.

Studying for a master’s degree in Saint Lucia can help you expand your knowledge, perfect your English language skills, and, of course, explore an amazing exotic place.

Cost of Master’s Programs in Saint Lucia

The average cost of a master’s in Saint Lucia, for international students, is around EC$23,000 (about €8,000) per year. This amount is an estimate, as fees may vary considerably depending on the university and the field of study.

Universities in Saint Lucia do not offer tuition-free master’s programs, so a scholarship is the only way for international students to study for a master's degree in Saint Lucia without paying tuition fees.

Life as an International Student in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia isn’t a traditional study-abroad destination, however, there are plenty of reasons to study there. The country’s official language is English and every year it welcomes tourists from all over the world. In Saint Lucia, you’ll have the opportunity to explore nature, meet new, interesting people, and have a peaceful daily life, something that’s not always true when studying in the city. So, the country definitely offers quite a different study experience.

Universities in Saint Lucia always welcome international students and offer their assistance, in order to help everyone adapt to their new life in the country.

Are there any 1-year Master’s Programs in Saint Lucia?

Master's programs in Saint Lucia are designed to be completed in 2 years or longer, so you cannot attend a 1-year master’s program in the country. However, this may be positive since you can gain a lot of different experiences while living there.

It's essential to research the universities and programs you're interested in to determine their duration.

Can I study for a Master’s degree in Saint Lucia online?

Some universities in Saint Lucia also offer distance-learning programs, either in a part-time or full-time format. Attending an online master’s program leads to the exact same degree as an on-campus graduate program.

The number of distance-learning postgraduate programs varies depending on the field of study and the institution, but if you want to reduce the cost of your studies or continue working in your home country, it is possible to obtain a master’s degree from a university in Saint Lucia through distance learning.

What are the basic entry requirements of Master’s Programs in Saint Lucia?

Every university has its own admission requirements for its postgraduate programs. However, the basic entry requirements, which must be met in any case, are a recent certificate of English language proficiency, such as IELTS or TOEFL, a copy of your bachelor’s degree, and, most likely, a detailed transcript of grades and a personal statement as well.

To study in Saint Lucia, you’ll need a valid passport and a student visa.

Are there any scholarships for Master’s Programs in Saint Lucia?

If you want to reduce the cost of your postgraduate studies, you can apply for a scholarship. You can get a scholarship either directly from the university you attend or from other public or private organizations.

The scholarships offered are usually aimed at financially disadvantaged students or students with outstanding performance at the undergraduate level and cover part of the tuition fees and, sometimes, the full cost of attendance.

By applying to universities through Brive, you have a chance to get one of our scholarships.

Popular fields of study in Saint Lucia for Master’s degrees

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Public Health
  • Management

Can I stay in Saint Lucia after getting my master’s degree?

If you want to stay in Saint Lucia after completing your post-graduate studies, you can apply for a work permit and visa and stay in the country to start your career.

During your studies, you can work with a student visa, but there are certain limitations.

How to apply to a Master’s Program in Saint Lucia?

Once you have gathered the necessary qualifications and documents, you can apply to the graduate school of your choice. Each university follows a different application procedure, but there is also an alternative.

By applying through Brive, you have access to personalized guidance throughout the process and can easily apply to the programs you like with just one click. You can also apply for one of our scholarships and reduce the cost of your studies.

Schedule a free counseling session with one of our certified counselors, discover the programs that suit your needs, and apply to universities all over the world.

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