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Study in Poland - Requirements, Universities, Cost

Find everything you need to study in Poland on this page and browse through thousands of programs
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Cost of living

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Why study in Poland?

Studying in Poland is an experience of a lifetime for many reasons. The country has unique natural and urban beauty, is safe and borders Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. It is quite an economical country with a lively and fun life, many options for excursions and travel and, of course, a great history that we all people should know about.

Poland’s universities are among the oldest in Europe and some date back to the 14th century. Great personalities have studied or been born in Poland, among them Copernicus, Marie Curie, Chopin and other great people and scientists. The country has seen rapid economic growth in recent years and you will be impressed by how clean and well-kept it is. The level of education is very high and has a direct impact on the labor market.

The cost of living for an undergraduate or graduate student in Poland is on average 400-700€/month and their currency is Zloty (PLN).

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Bachelors in Poland

Bachelors in Poland are quite affordable, offer internationally recognized degrees and include all fields of science. Their organization will surprise you and you will soon manage to adapt fully. English is widely understood, but even if you struggle in some situations in your daily life, the locals are willing to find a way to communicate with you!

Bachelors studies in Poland is a very good choice and career investment. The interculturality, the trips you will be able to make and the communication you will cultivate are opportunities to develop great soft skills that will help you in the job market later.



Master's in Poland

Masters in Poland, just like undergraduates, is an important step for your career. Among the most popular fields of study are technology and IT, management and entrepreneurship, social and legal sciences, and mechanical engineering.

Also, if you want to get work experience alongside your master’s studies in Poland, you can find some part-time work to support your student life and your tuition. If you are a non-EU citizen, there are restrictions on when and how much you can work.



Requirements for studies in Poland

The requirements for studying in Poland are language certificates such as IELTS and TOEFL, an identity card or passport and translated copies of education or studies.

Documents such as the curriculum vitae and personal statement may be requested in master’s programs in Poland, as in all master’s degree applications in the world.

Level of English


A good level of English is a basic requirement for applications to study abroad. In summary, the most popular proofs of proficiency that are usually accepted are IELTS, CAE (Cambridge Advanced Exam), CPE (Cambridge Proficiency) and TOEFL. However, you will also find universities that accept Duolingo-type tests and some institutions will accept your high school English grade as long as it is high.

Student Visa


The student visa is the most important document you must have if you want to study abroad. Some countries, however, do not require a student visa, such as European Union member countries, if you are a European citizen.

Supporting documents


Although each country, as well as each university, requires different supporting documents for studying abroad, there are some documents that are almost everywhere the same. These include your passport (we suggest you prefer it, even if your national ID is accepted




Scholarships to study in Poland

Financially weaker students can find scholarships to study in Poland through the universities themselves, but also look for government scholarships.

Also, one can look for scholarships in one’s own country, as for example in Greece, where many scholarships are given for studying abroad every year. Another way to get funding is to apply to study in Poland through Brive and claim one of our scholarships.

Brive Scholarships


Brive Scholarships help you fund your dream by completing study abroad applications through our innovative platform. Apply with one click, claim one of the 3 scholarships and start your career with the most reliable ally!

Universities Scholarships


Most universities internationally provide scholarships for studying abroad, covering either all or part of the tuition fees. You can claim your own scholarship, as long as you start your search early to get ahead.

Government Scholarships


Most countries that have invested significant funds in the development and evolution of their education system to make it attractive to international students offer government scholarships to help young talent thrive academically at their universities. Are you one of them?



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What are the best cities to study in Poland?


The best cities to study in Poland are Krakow, Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań and Łódź.

In what languages are bachelor's and master's degrees offered in Poland?


The average accommodation costs for students in Poland range from €60-150 per month for a shared flat or hostel, with total monthly costs around €400-800. Staying in a private apartment can raise the cost a lot (300-450€

In what languages are bachelor's and master's degrees offered in Poland?


The languages in which bachelor's and master's degrees are offered in Poland are English and Polish.

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