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Bachelor's in Japan - Requirements, Universities, Costs

Explore Bachelor's in Japan. Find course requirements and costs. Apply online through Brive, get a free application review and achieve higher acceptance rates on your top university choices.

Bachelor's in Japan - Requirements, Universities, Costs

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Engineering Sciences
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On campus
3 - 4 Years
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Kyoto University of Advanced Science

Kyoto, Japan
Undergraduate Degree in Engineering
4 Years

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Why study for a Bachelor’s degree in Japan?

Japan is an amazing place for your undergraduate studies since it combines high-quality education with a unique cultural experience that will allow you to grow and gain a different perspective on things.

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Japan can be life-changing since you’ll gain valuable knowledge in your field while having the opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s culture and even learn the Japanese language, thus becoming more competitive in the job market.

Cost of Undergraduate programs in Japan

The average cost of an undergraduate program in Japan, for international students, is approximately ¥800,000 (about €5,300) per year. This amount is an estimate, as fees may vary considerably depending on the university and the field of study.

Are there any Undergraduate scholarships for international students in Japan?

If you want to reduce the cost of your undergraduate studies, you can apply for a scholarship. You can get one either directly from the university you attend or from other public or private organizations.

The scholarships offered are usually aimed at students with limited financial resources or exceptional academic performance and cover part of the tuition fees and, sometimes, the full cost of attendance.

By applying to universities through Brive, you have the chance to get one of our scholarships.

Are there any Undergraduate programs in Japan taught in English?

Many universities in Japan offer English-taught undergraduate programs and welcome international students. So, if you want to study in Japan you can do so without having to learn the local language.

What are the basic entry requirements of Undergraduate Programs in Japan?

The basic entry requirements for undergraduate programs are a high school diploma and a recent certificate of English language proficiency, such as IELTS or TOEFL. Of course, in order to be accepted you need to meet the minimum GPA requirements set by the university.

To study in Japan, you’ll need a valid passport and a student visa.

How to apply to an Undergraduate Program in Japan?

Once you have gathered the necessary qualifications and documents, you can apply to the undergraduate program of your choice. Each university follows a different application procedure, but there is also an alternative.

By applying through Brive, you have access to personalized guidance throughout the process and can submit your application to the programs of your preference with just one click. You can also gain benefits such as exclusive scholarships and tuition fee discounts to lower the cost of your studies.

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