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Hospitality Management

Sol International School
Daejeon, South Korea
 634 Points
1 Year, 6 Months

Program Description

The MSc program takes you on a unique trip through the different aspects of the hospitality industry providing an enormous globalized approach with the latest international developments. The program is exclusive and full time with a duration of 12 months and 27 credits earned.

You will graduate from our program with a cutting-edge knowledge of the managerial, operational and organizational best practices within the international hospitality industry. Whether you have previous professional experience or little to no experience, we are confident that our program will put you ahead of others in terms of employability.

Studying with us gives you access to our numerous global industry relationships and opens doors to you for future employment in local, regional and internationally famous hospitality brands.

There may be additional costs by this University.

Entry Requirements

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Bachelor's Degree
Degree from State Technical Institute
English Level
TOEFL (internet based)

Information about requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, Business, Marketing, Social Sciences or other related fields.
  • Online Interview: Students meeting admission requirements will be asked to interview with a faculty member.

Other required documents:

  • Proof of Finances – A bank balance equivalent to a minimum of $18,000 USD which is to be in the account for a period of at least 6 months. Transaction history & letter from the bank with the seal and signature is required for the application.

More information:

  • There may be an additional application fee by this University.


Admission scholarships are limited and competitive and cover only tuition and enrollment fees. Tuition Scholarships are awarded for a one first semester period.

Admission scholarships are evaluated and awarded on the basis of academic performance, personal essay, letters of recommendation, extra-curricular activities, transcripts, and the Admissions application form itself. Applicants awarded a scholarship must still demonstrate sufficient proof of personal finances exclusive of the scholarship to enter Sol International School.

Merit Scholarships are available beginning the second semester of freshmen and above students. All applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 / 4.5 to qualify for a Merit-Based Scholarship following the completion of their initial scholarship cycle. Sol International School will compute all merit-based scholarships automatically. Merit scholarships are awarded to qualified students who complete a minimum of 3 courses per semester with no “F” grades.

All scholarships range from 10% to 30% for Graduate studies depending on admission criteria and academic performance.


Skills Learned

  • In-depth Knowledge about the international lodging industry, and the different levels of management.
  • The current issues of high consideration in the field of hospitality.
  • To achieve a research study in the field of international hospitality.

Internship (optional)

For students who wish, an optional one-year extension with 12 months in a Management Trainee Job Placement program in 5-star hotels within the Asia Pacific region may be possible. Placement would be dependent on the current conditions at the time of graduation.



Required Courses

Strategic Marketing in Hospitality Industry

Research Methods & Applications in Hospitality Industry

Human Resort Management in Hospitality Industry

Management of Finance & Revenue in Hospitality Industry

International Hospitality Business Environment

Global Dynamics of Tourism & Sustainable Development

Specialization Courses

Innovative Technologies in Hospitality industry

Resort Development & Real Estate Management

Management of International Hotel Brands

Entrepreneurial Leadership in Hospitality Industry

Global Societies, Cultures & Hospitality

Hospitality and the Business Traveler


  • A career in the field of Hospitality Management
  • Teaching BA level in the field of hospitality management
  • Further postgraduate education

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