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Social Sciences & Psychology
International Relations, Mediterranean Studies (Online) (MA)
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International Relations, Mediterranean Studies (Online) (MA)

University of Nicosia
 882 Points
1 Year, 6 Months
Apply date
Sep 2024

Program Description

The master in International Relations, Mediterranean Studies (Online) (MA) provides the opportunity for deepening and specialization in the cognitive unit constituted by the cognitive subjects/fields of International Relations and European Studies, Political Science, and other subjects within the broader field of Social Sciences.

The general objective of the master in International Relations, Mediterranean Studies (Online) (MA) is to develop the level of knowledge, skills, and competencies of postgraduate students in the above-mentioned subjects, with the main focus on the realization of (a) the multidimensional nature of the issues they will be called upon to deal with in their professional careers and (b) the "added value" of a theoretically sound and methodical, multifaceted approach to the issues.

Entry Requirements

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this master in International Relations, Mediterranean Studies (Online) (En) (MA), the students should be able to:

  • Critically evaluate key trends and developments within the field of International Relations and European Studies.
  • Effectively utilize research methods used in the field of International Relations, European Studies and the Social Sciences.
  • Readily deal with the complexity of the field of study and its relation to other subjects.
  • Engage in debates within the field of study.
  • Discuss recent world history and the European integration process in an intelligent and analytical way.
  • Independently identify analyze and evaluate complex issues relating to International Relations and European Studies using a variety of theoretical approaches and methodological tools.
  • Evaluate the complexity of the field and analyze related issues both orally and in writing as well as organize and lead discussions regarding issues of an international nature.
  • Independently analyze, interpret and reflect upon key trends in development within world politics.
  • Critically analyze research within the field of study.
  • Communicate in English language both orally and in written form at (near) native level.
  • Employ organizational and analytical skills to allow them to research international phenomena competently with a minimal amount of assistance.
  • Make efficient use of libraries, bibliographical material and academic research.


Year 1

Semester 1

Theory of International Relations

Eastern Mediterranean History and Politics

International Political Economy

Semester 2

Law of the Sea and International Law

Eastern Mediterranean Energy Geopolitics

Politics in the Middle East

Year 2

Semester 3

Greek-Turkish Relations and Cyprus

The EU and the South-Eastern Mediterranean

Terrorism and Other Forms of Asymmetric Threats

Jobs - Careers

The master in International Relations, Mediterranean Studies (Online) (En) (MA) applies to to individuals who intend to work in fields relevant with international affairs e.g. in the public sector, especially in services under:

  • Ministries of Foreign Affairs
  • Defence or Commerce
  • Multinational firms
  • International organisations such as the UN and the EU
  • Academic institutions and research centres
  • Non-governmental organisations etc.

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