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Social Sciences & Psychology
Master in Humanities (MA) - Schellhammer Business (SBS)
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Master in Humanities (MA) - Schellhammer Business (SBS)

Schellhammer Business School
Malaga, Spain
On campus
1 Year

Program Description

The Master of Arts (MA) in Humanities at Schellhammer Business School is a challenging interdisciplinary Master of Arts program that focuses on the study of human nature, thought, and creation – past, present, and how the inevitable consequences of our actions impact the future of humanity.

Humanists were the first to start thinking about and exploring the human condition seeking answers to many human-related problems, by trying to make moral, ethical, spiritual, and intellectual sense of the world.

Schellhammer Business School continues this long tradition by combining Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Behavioural Economics, Politics, Language, Law, Anthropology, Culture, and even Business into one program in Humanities whilst advocating, exploring, and supporting a new system of beliefs, principles, and solutions to the manifold issues facing humanity – overpopulation, climate change, contamination, pollution, depleting resources, gross inequality, failed economic systems, and political dogmatism.

With a strong emphasis on developing strong creative, critical, and analytical thinking skills the Master of Arts (MA) in Humanities at Schellhammer Business School opens the door to careers in education, and politics and is a distinct competitive advantage in a business where agility, versatility, and innovation are the norm in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Entry Requirements

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Corruption & Governance

Architecture of The Mind

Archetypal Leadership

Social Theories

Understanding Social Actions

Rationality & Emotions

Consumer Behaviour

18 Global Threats to Humanity

30 Tools to Reshape Humanity

Critical Sociology & Psychology

Socio-Political Philosophy

Art Psychology

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