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Global Security and Development Cooperation
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Global Security and Development Cooperation

People's Friendship University
Moscow, Russia
 1232 Points
2 Years

Program Description

Major changes in international relations entail a new vision of historical processes, new approaches. All this directly affects the assessment of current events, the relations between different countries, the development of new approaches to the solution of interstate relations.

In this regard, new tasks arise in the training of highly qualified personnel, specialists in their field. A specialist in international relations is distinguished by erudition, extensive knowledge in the field of history, the theory of international relations and world politics, foreign languages, he/she possesses such qualities as sociability and diplomacy.

Entry Requirements

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Bachelor's Degree
Degree from State Technical Institute
English Level

Additional Required Documents:

  • A copy of the medical certificate on the absence of contraindications for studying in the Russian Federation and on the absence of HIV and AIDS.
  • Photo.

Other Optional Documents:

  • For example, confirmation of victory in international Olympiads or professional competitions.

Important Information:

  • Personal portfolio of talented applicants will be taken into account. The portfolio is considered according to the following criteria:
  1. average academic grade at the previous level of education, including grades in specialized subjects (max — 45 points)
  2. achievements in educational and social activities, certificates, diplomas, etc. (max — 5 points)
  3. certificate of a foreign language proficiency (5 points)
  4. applicant status based on the results of participation in competitions / Olympiads for foreign citizens (winner — 15 points, prize-winner — 10 points)
  5. recommendations (or other similar documents) from public organizations, associations, Russian missions abroad, foreign diplomatic missions, faculties of RUDN University, etc. (5 points)
  6. volunteer activity (5 points)
  7. position of the university whose document on education the candidate provides upon admission, in the world rankings (10 points)
  8. letter of motivation (10 points)



Global security

International terrorism

New risks and challenges

Energy security

International conflicts: new approaches to the settlement process

International organizations and the peace process

Human rights and global security

Migration and global security


A practice-oriented approach is one of the most important components of the organization of the educational process and an effective means of improving the quality of training of highly qualified international specialists, since the training is aimed at creating a new staff of scientists, officials, specialists in the field of international relations.

The internship is conducted in state structures:
Chamber of Commerce and Industry
the UN Information Center
embassies of the CIS countries
foreign representations in the Russian Federation, etc.


The activities of graduates, who received the high-quality education and a master's degree diploma in international relations, are related to the following key professions:

  • Diplomat
  • Expert/analyst
  • International journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Economist
  • Manager

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