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Natural & Applied Sciences
Master in Physics (MSc) - University of Pecs (PTE)
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Master in Physics (MSc) - University of Pecs (PTE)

University of Pecs
On campus
 1120 Points
2 Years

Program Description

In the master in Physics (MSc), we offer comprehensive knowledge. Those skills and subject groups such as Modern Physics, Optics and Laser Physics, Physics of Quantum Systems, and Atomic and Molecular Physics encompass the science of the main areas of Physics based on the bachelor’s level of Physics.

Practical courses and seminars provide students with hands-on skills. The seminars and practical courses outnumber the number of lectures in the curriculum. This is a good reflection of our preference for learning methods based on active student participation.

In the master in Physics (MSc), we encourage students' activity with homework, and self-project tasks, and we support cooperative learning methods. The subjects of Quantum Systems and Laser Physics are closely related to the important research areas of the Institute of Physics.

Entry Requirements

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Year 1

Semester 1

Mathematical methods in physics practice

Signals and systems lecture and practice

Nuclear and partial physics lecture and practice

Semester 2

Atomic and molecular physics lecture

Condensed matter practice and lecture

Numerical Mathematics seminar

Year 2

Semester 3

Laser physics seminar

Femtosecond and nonlinear optics

Semester 4

Quantum optics seminar

Quantum information seminar

Thesis writing

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