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Medicine & Health
Public Health
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Public Health

I.M. SECHENOV First Moscow State Medical University
On campus
2 Years

Program Description

The Master of Public Health (MPH) at Sechenov University is a multidisciplinary higher professional education programme which enables graduates (masters) to conduct research and management activities in the field of public health, to successfully work in the field, possess universal and subject-specific competences allowing them for social mobility and stability in the labor market.

We train a competent specialist with a multidisciplinary background who can develop a new policy in public health in the XXI century. Developing the personality traits of each student, we train a professional who knows how to work in a team, to promote healthy lifestyle among different population groups, to lead the people, to adapt quickly to changing conditions in the country and the goals of the organization, who can effectively respond to existing challenges and develop a whole Public Health cycle, including planning, implementation, monitoring and assessment of interventions.

The faculty optimally combines research and educational processes, our academic staff is actively involved in research work, which allows to introduce the latest developments into the educational process and involve students to conduct independent scientific research to apply the acquired knowledge into practice.

Accommodation fee per year: 3600 USD
Preparatory Department: 5000 USD

Entry Requirements

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Mission and Strategy

The mission of the Programme is to provide a modern education in the field of theory, practice and research in public health, health care, management, leadership, and personnel management.

One of the strategic objectives of Sechenov University is to promote integration of the Russian and international healthcare standards as well as the introduction of advanced healthcare system management practices and formation of individual health management plans, synchronization of the Russian and international requirements for training programmes in medical education.


Key Objectives

  • To provide education that is relevant to the contemporary global public health field.
  • To introduce master students to an interdisciplinary public health landscape informed by political, economic, human and social science perspectives.
  • To prepare graduates for future effective practice activities in the field of public health.
  • To prepare graduates to become modern, sought-after specialists who are ready to create and implement their own research and practice programs and projects aimed at improving public health.
  • To provide graduates with all necessary skills in order to work in the field of management of healthcare organizations irrespective of their forms of ownership.
  • To prepare graduates to conduct educational and outreach activities in the field of public health protection and promotion.

Aims of the Program

  • Educational Aim: Use innovative and rigorous teaching and learning strategies to prepare a diverse student body with the competencies necessary to be leaders in Public Health.
  • Service Aim: Serve communities locally and globally through workforce development activities, community engagement, service, and leadership.
  • Research Aim: Advance Public Health theory and practice through innovative, interdisciplinary research.
  • Administrative Aim: Operate and enhance MPH Program that supports faculty, staff, and student excellence and upholds the mission of University.


Course Structure

The Programme lasts for two years and covers four semesters. Courses studied within the 1st semester are focused on the acquisition of basic knowledge about public health and its determinants, demography, biostatistics, management, health promotion and health education within the frameworks of core modules. In addition, students master skills in research practice and research work.

Within the 2nd semester, students continue to get acquainted with the problems of public health and its determinants, management, health promotion and health education.

In addition, the curriculum includes the study of information technology required for information processing and working with databases, epidemiology which complements knowledge of the methodology of scientific research and prevention, project and process analysis as core modules. The research work started in the 1st semester is continued.

The 3rd semester includes inquiry of healthcare organization within the framework of core modules. Within the 3rd semester, master students continue their research work, and get involved into professional practice.

The 4th semester is entirely devoted to research work and integrating experience (project practice and pre-diploma practice), as well as preparation and defence of their master's theses).

The program is structured in a way that students learn curriculum disciplines consistently, and by the 4th semester they fully acquire the skills in methodology of public health research for independent planning and implementation of research.

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