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Law (Distance) (English)
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Law (Distance) (English)

University of Nicosia
Nicosia, Cyprus
 882 Points
1 Year, 6 Months

Program Description

Aims and objectives of the program are to provide students the opportunity for specialization in two particular fields of legal science, (a) European Business Law and (b) Human Rights and Social Justice, both at a theoretical and at a practical level. It provides postgraduate education to holders of a Bachelor in Law or of some other relevant Bachelor (Political Science, European Politics, IR, Economics etc.) Ιt mainly, but not exclusively, addresses itself to individuals who work or intend to do so in fields relevant to legal science (lawyers, judges, legal consultants or in general employees of companies and of other private sector entities or organizations, members of the public service or of some other public or semi-public agency or organization, members of non-governmental organizations, diplomats etc.)

It is expected that the program will provide its graduates with additional qualifications and that it will enhance their cognitive as well as their managerial capacities when dealing with issues relevant to Law; this will help them enrich their career opportunities. Graduates of the program also have the opportunity to pursue further studies at a PhD level.

The program particularly highlights special legal issues that are of great theoretical and practical importance, encouraging a comparative approach to legal science, within the contemporary European context. Provisions of national law are being taken in close co-examination with European law, with the aim of confronting contemporary problems and challenges in a theoretically informed, while practically efficient, way.

Students are given the opportunity to engage in academic research and the application of legal practices and models, gaining well-founded specialization in legal fields of particular importance.

It is noted that the Law School has been offering with great success a conventional classroom-based LLM in Law with specialization in the aforementioned fields (a. European Business Law and b. Human Rights and Social Justice) since 2013.

Entry Requirements

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Bachelor's Degree
Degree from State Technical Institute
English Level
TOEFL (paper based)
Cambridge Proficiency (CPE)
Cambridge Advanced (CAE)
TOEFL (internet based)

Information about admission:

  • A Bachelor degree in Law or in another relevant field from a recognised university and transcripts
  • Personal letter/Statement of research interest by the prospective student, expressing his/her interest in following the programme, sketching out his/her research profile and mentioning his/her expectations from the programme, regarding his/her personal development and professional perspectives.

Other English qualifications and information:

  • Students who do not possess any of the English qualifications or stipulated grades listed above and below and hold IELTS with 4.5 and above, are required to take UNIC’s NEPTON English Placement Test (with no charge) and will receive English Language support classes, if and as needed, from UNIC’s International Gateway Centre (IGC).
  • Computer-based TOEFL – 193 and above
  • Michigan Examination of Proficiency in English (CaMLA) – Pass
  • Pearson PTE General – Level 3 and above
  • KPG (The Greek Foreign Language Examinations for the State Certificate of Language Proficiency) – Level B2 and above
  • Anglia – Level B2 and above
  • IEB Advances Programme English – Pass

More information:

  • A certain number of undergraduate and graduate programmes focused solely on Cyprus and Greece are taught in Greek. Students on these programmes are not required to meet the English Language Proficiency requirements.

Objective of the Program

The main academic aims of the program are (a) the deepening of knowledge in specialized fields of legal science with theoretical and practical importance, as well as (b) the broadening of the understanding of legal science and of its implementation in a comparative European and International context. The program explores the function of national law and its interrelation with European and International Law.

The methods of interpretation and of the application of law are analyzed in a practical context, while emphasis is given both to the theoretical parameters and practical implementation, with an overall view to enhancing the capacity of students to confront current challenges and problems, especially those they may be encountered in the European and International environment, either in the field of commerce and entrepreneurship, or in the field of human rights and social justice.



Semester 1

Applications of European Law

European Comparative Law and Policy

Legal Research and Methodology

Semester 2

European and International Protection of Human Rights

Criminal Law and Social Justice

Immigration Law and Asylum Policies

Semester 3

Finance and Credit Law

Master Thesis


  • Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Legal consultants
  • Members of the public service
  • Members of non-governmental organizations
  • Diplomats

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