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Master in Law (LLM) (Online) (En) - University of Nicosia
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Master in Law (LLM) (Online) (En) - University of Nicosia

University of Nicosia
Nicosia, Cyprus
 882 Points
1 Year, 6 Months
Start date
Feb 2023

Online Master's Scholarship

Scholarship of 35% to postgraduate graduates for a second degree in the Online Master's starting in Spring Semester 2023. Scholarship of 10% to applicants wishing to enroll in the Online Master's beginning Spring Semester 2023.

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Program Description

The Master in Law (LLM) provides students the opportunity for specialization in two particular fields of legal science, (a) European Business Law and (b) Human Rights and Social Justice, both at a theoretical and a practical level.

It is expected that the Master in Law (LLM) will provide its graduates with additional qualifications and that it will enhance their cognitive as well as their managerial capacities when dealing with issues relevant to Law; this will help them enrich their career opportunities. Graduates of the program also have the opportunity to pursue further studies at a Ph.D. level.

The Master in Law (LLM) particularly highlights special legal issues that are of great theoretical and practical importance, encouraging a comparative approach to legal science, within the contemporary European context. Provisions of national law are being taken in close co-examination with European law, with the aim of confronting contemporary problems and challenges in a theoretically informed, while practically efficient, way.

Students are given the opportunity to engage in academic research and the application of legal practices and models, gaining well-founded specialization in legal fields of particular importance.

Entry Requirements

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Year 1

Semester 1

Applications of European Law

European Comparative Law and Policy

Legal Research and Methodology

Semester 2

European and International Protection of Human Rights

Criminal Law and Social Justice

Immigration Law and Asylum Policies

Year 2

Semester 3

Finance and Credit Law

Master Thesis


  • Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Legal consultants
  • Members of the public service
  • Members of non-governmental organizations
  • Diplomats

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