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Journalism & Media
Digital Media and Communications (MA) - University Nicosia
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Digital Media and Communications (MA) - University Nicosia

University of Nicosia
Nicosia, Cyprus
On campus
 1323 Points
1 Year, 6 Months

Program Description

The program in Digital Media and Communications - Specialisations (MA) is designed to be completed in one calendar year (12 months), over a fall, a spring, and a summer semester of 13 weeks. Working professionals have the part-time study option which may take longer. The program consists of core courses, specialization requirements, and electives. Students are required to attend lectures and seminars and engage in individual as well as group-based learning activities.

Entry Requirements

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Objective and Aims of the Program

What role do digital media, particularly social media play in the economy, politics and everyday life? How have social media changed the practice of journalism, public relations and advertising? The MA in Digital media and Communications addresses these and similar questions that have emerged out of the rise of social media and their increasing domination of the media and communication professions.

This master in Digital media and Communications (MA) offers a critical analysis of the operation, functions, use, embeddedness and ramifications of social media in a globalized, networked society. It is aimed at people who wish to acquire a critical understanding of social media and learn how to analyze and mobilize them strategically. The program emphasizes on an evidence-based, scientific examination of current and emerging digital media practices and trends and helping students develop their ability to successfully utilize social media in the practice of journalism, public relations, marketing and advertising.

The objectives of the MA in Digital Media and Communications are to provide a critical understanding of current theories, key concepts and new research methods related to social mediainvestigate institutional, social and technical factors shaping social media practices examine social media practices by a variety of actors, including journalists, businesses, politicians and publics enable students to develop effective social media strategies in the practice of journalism, public relations, political lobbying, marketing and advertising.



Year 1

Semester 1

Digital Media Innovation and Social Transformation

Digital Communication, Culture and Society

Digital Media Content

Semester 2

Risk and Crisis Management

Social Media Management

Research Methods in Media and Communications

Year 2

Semester 3

PR and Advertising in the Digital Age



  • Journalism and Social Media Publishing
  • Public Relations and Advertising in Networked Society


  • Online program director
  • Social media strategist
  • Public relations officer
  • Reporter and producer in the mass media
  • Political communication
  • Research and consultancy

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