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Special Education (University of Patras) (Distance)
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Special Education (University of Patras) (Distance)

University of Nicosia
Nicosia, Cyprus
 770 Points
2 Years

Program Description

The Master in Special Education aims to the acquisition of knowledge in the area of specialisation of this programme, by attending relevant pedagogical courses and studying relevant bibliography.

Additionally, the programme aims to cultivate research skills through the attendance of specific quantitative and qualitative research courses, the undertaking of small-scale research in the context of the various courses and/or the preparation of a Master's Thesis and the students' practical training.

The internship is implemented in Greece on a local basis and exceeds all the provisions of the recommendation of the Institute of Educational Policy, which defines the criteria for the granting of postgraduate degrees in Special Education and General Education (SEE).

In particular, the Master's degree is offered by the Department of Education (1st requirement), has a minimum of 4 semesters of full-time study and includes practical training in special education structures (2nd requirement). It is important to note that the internship will take place in Greece.

The internship takes place in special education schools, as well as in general education schools, where students with disabilities or special educational needs attend. It is certified by a supervising teacher and the head of the school unit, is accompanied by an attendance register and includes observation, lesson planning and supervised independent teaching (3rd requirement).

Entry Requirements

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Bachelor's Degree
Degree from State Technical Institute

Information about admission:

  • Undergraduate degree in the field of Education that enables the student to carry out practical training in Special Education structures in the public education system of Greece. The qualification must include the date of graduation and the final grade.
  • Certified Copy of the Analytical Grade Report: The Analytical Grade Report must be the final one, issued after the degree was issued and includes the date of the degree and final degree grade.
  • Personal Goals and Research Interests Essay (approximately 2 pages): a letter outlining the candidate's individual skills and abilities, as well as his/her expectations from the programme and how it will help him/her in his/her personal and career development.

Other required documents:

  • Recognition by DOATAP in case the undergraduate degree is from a non-Greek University.

Other English qualifications and information:

  • Students who do not possess any of the English qualifications or stipulated grades listed above and below and hold IELTS with 4.5 and above, are required to take UNIC’s NEPTON English Placement Test (with no charge) and will receive English Language support classes, if and as needed, from UNIC’s International Gateway Centre (IGC).
  • Computer-based TOEFL – 193 and above
  • Michigan Examination of Proficiency in English (CaMLA) – Pass
  • Pearson PTE General – Level 3 and above
  • KPG (The Greek Foreign Language Examinations for the State Certificate of Language Proficiency) – Level B2 and above
  • Anglia – Level B2 and above
  • IEB Advances Programme English – Pass

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the students should be able to:

  • To delve into the basic bibliography of special education.
  • To identify key concepts, principles and models of special education and to transfer this knowledge in the school context.
  • To examine critically research outcomes relative to special education and think of their implications for schools and the educational system in general.
  • To pinpoint problems at the school and/or the system level and plan and carry out research to address those problems.
  • To critically analyse educational problems -considering their sociological, phychological and philosophical dimensions- and develop a rational course of action which will provide optimal solutions.


Semester 1

Educational Research

Special Education: Research and Contemporary Trends

Mental Retardation - Autism Spectrum Disorder

Semester 2

Psychometric Methods in Special Education

Measurement and Evaluation in Special Education

Dyslexia: Research and Recent Trends

Semester 3

Educational Psychology

Pedagogy of Inclusion

Disability in Education

Semester 4

Practical Training


Graduates of the Special Education program have gained a wide range of skills, as well as knowledge of effective teaching practices.

Upon completion of their studies, graduates may work:

  • in primary schools
  • in special schools
  • in special education units
  • as teacher's assistants/child chaperones

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