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Humanities & Education
Master in Special Education (Online) - Frederick University
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Master in Special Education (Online) - Frederick University

Frederick University
Nicosia, Cyprus
 840 Points
2 Years

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Program Description

The Master's Program in Special Education aims to provide knowledge and skills, both theoretical and practical, which are essential for the education and support of students with special educational needs in mainstream and special schools. It aims at providing knowledge, raising awareness, and training graduates of Pedagogy and other University Departments on issues of Special Inclusive Education.

This program in Special Education will provide scientific information regarding the identification, evaluation and treatment of special needs within the general school (general class, special unit or individualized special education) and also in other areas of special education provision. This Special Proceedings program will also provide an opportunity to conduct research projects in an area in which not much research has been conducted to date, at least in the Cypriot area.

Entry Requirements

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Learning Outcomes

  • Know issues concerning: the conceptual definition of integrated and integrated education, different models of approach to disability, the historical and institutional evolution of special education and the request for integrated education, as well as issues concerning the educational practice, such as the structures and functions of the special and integration school and the differentiated approach to teaching.
  • To understand and integrate basic concepts of PE and alternative models in the management of difficult cases/students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).
  • To theoretically understand the models but also to make a critical analysis of the various methods and psychopedagogical techniques used in the context of the classroom to promote the inclusion of students with special difficulties.
  • To have a different perception of the school context, and to be able to collaborate with other experts and parents in an always inclusive supportive perspective of students with SEN.
  • To understand the basic principles that govern the development of the individual in the key areas during infancy, toddlerhood, school and adolescence and to know the typical course of development in these areas. Also, understand the interaction between genetic and environmental factors during development.
  • To be aware of the possible deviations from the typical course of development, with more specific goals of familiarizing them with basic issues of child and adolescent psychopathology, raising their awareness of the special ways of approach required in the cases of children and adolescents with developmental problems and their contact with the basic therapeutic methods for dealing with these problems.
  • To understand and carry out with sensitivity and success assessment methods, with the aim of recognizing the special needs and developing the skills of the students, in an environment of inclusion of all children.
  • Know various forms of special needs, the etiological factors, the diagnostic criteria and the characteristics of the most frequent disorders/difficulties/disabilities.
  • To understand basic methods of planning, conducting and critical analysis of research and especially educational research in Special and Unified Education.
  • Are able to design and develop either qualitative or quantitative research.

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