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Humanities & Education
Master in Special Education (Online) (MEd) - Frederick
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Master in Special Education (Online) (MEd) - Frederick

Frederick University
2 Years

Program Description

The master in Special Education (Online) (MEd) aims to provide the knowledge and skills, both theoretical and practical, necessary for the education and support of students with special educational needs in general and special schools.

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Year 1

Semester 1

Special And Inclusive Education

Students With Special Educational Needs

Research Methodology

Semester 2

Teaching Strategies In Special And Inclusive Education

Evaluation In Special Education

Special Education Elective

Year 2

Semester 3

Special Education Elective

Semester 4


Learning Outcomes

  • Familiarize themselves with issues, theoretical approaches and definitions relating to special and inclusive education, e.g., different models of understanding disability, the historical evolution of the field of special education, as well as educational issues, such as inclusive education, and differentiation in teaching and learning.
  • Understand the theoretical models of special and inclusive education and be able to critically analyze the various methods and psycho-pedagogical techniques used in the classroom to promote effective and successful learning for all students.
  • Understand the basic principles underlying human development in key areas during infancy, early childhood, schooling and adolescence. In addition, understand the interaction between genetic and environmental factors during development.
  • Explain possible deviations from the typical course of development; understand the main issues of psychopathology of the child.
  • Understand and perform successful assessment methods, in order to identify different types of disabilities and/ or SEN.
  • Describe and effectively apply ways, in which they can support students in an inclusive school environment.
  • Have an excellent knowledge of the types of SEN, including knowledge of causes and factors related to each disability and/ or SEN etc., of the diagnostic criteria, with an emphasis on the impact of SEN in students’ behavior and learning profiles.
  • Understand basic methods of planning, conducting and discussing research and, in particular, educational research on Special Education.
  • Be able to design qualitative and/or quantitative research on issues related to special and inclusive education.
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