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Master in Educational Psychology (MSc) (Online) - Neapolis
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Master in Educational Psychology (MSc) (Online) - Neapolis

Neapolis University Pafos
Paphos, Cyprus
 1000 Points
1 Year, 6 Months
Apply date
Feb 2023

Program Description

The MSc in Educational Psychology (Online) focuses on the study of cognitive, emotional, and social learning processes that underlie education and human development across the lifespan. The master degree in Educational Psychology is targeted toward school educators who want to gain expertise in the normal and atypical patterns of development and learning.

Entry Requirements

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Objective of the Program

The basic philosophy of the programme is the empirical approach to the study of Educational Psychology, where the acquired knowledge and expertise are combined with the students’ experience with everyday problems within and outside the school environment. This approach will help students expand their knowledge, and at the same time acquire a deeper understanding of various topics in education and psychology. Specifically, the students of this Graduate Programme will be trained in depth in the following areas:

  • Theoretical approaches to learning and their educational applications.
  • Learning difficulties, especially in the developmental stages of pre-school, school and adolescence, with the aim of their adhoc handling or referral to appropriately trained therapists.
  • The psychological development field with emphasis on pre-school, school and adolescence and its interaction with learning processes.
  • The main developmental disorders such as those occurring in childhood and adolescence and their impact on learning outcomes.
  • Gender identities and their connection to the school context.
  • Awareness of the roles of the cultural and social aspects as part of the educational interaction with students and parents.
  • Educational research methods and techniques.

Learning Outcomes

The graduates of the MSc Programme in Educational Psychology will:

  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of the cognitive processes that underlie learning and thinking in both formal and informal education and their typical as well as atypical development.
  • Acquire strategies that can enhance their professional practice in schools and universities, early childhood programmes, and government agencies.
  • Develop scientific research skills (by participating in ongoing research projects and by conducting small-scale research projects in the context of the Independent. Research Study, and/or by conducting an empirical study in the context of a Masters Thesis) that can be applied to advance scientific knowledge in Educational. Psychology and address practical issues in diverse education and community settings.


Year 1

Semester 1

Learning: Theoretical Approaches and Educational Implications

Multicultural Dimensions of Behaviour

School Counselling

School Context and Gender Identities during Adolescence

Semester 2

Learning Difficulties

Independent Research Study I

Research Methods and Statistics

Developmental Psychology: Domain-Specific Development in Childhood and Adolescence

Year 2

Semester 3

Independent Research Study

Personality: Theoretical Approaches and Development

Language Development and Literacy

Developmental Psychopathology

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