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Engineering Sciences
Manufacturing - Welding Engineering Design (MSc) - Frederick
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    Manufacturing - Welding Engineering Design (MSc) - Frederick

    Frederick University
    On campus
    1 Year, 6 Months

    Program Description

    This master in Manufacturing - Welding Engineering Design (MSc) aims to provide this advanced knowledge and scientific background such that our engineering graduates, based on the knowledge gained from this program, can enter the mechanical engineering industry successfully and use this knowledge to slowly become experts in certain active areas or disciplines.

    Furthermore, this master in Manufacturing - Welding Engineering Design (MSc) will broaden, strengthen and integrate knowledge and understanding regarding advanced engineering industry processes.

    This will include all the necessary academic tools, computational modeling techniques, design, and engineering practice to solve mechanical engineering problems of varying complexity, taking into consideration the economic, social, and environmental context.

    Entry Requirements

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    Semester 1

    Manufacturing Materials And Engineering Design

    Design For Joining Processes

    Industrial Applications Of Modern CAD/CAM Systems

    Semester 2

    Rapid Product Development And 3D Printing

    Master Thesis I: Research Methods And Thesis Preparation

    Elective Course

    Semester 3

    Master Thesis II: Proposal Implementation And Presentation

    Elective Course

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon successful completion of this master in Manufacturing - Welding Engineering Design (MSc), the students are expected to:

    • Be provided with broader knowledge of advanced design, manufacturing, welding and additive manufacturing, the technological evolution and current needs of the industry, the financial evolution of the industry and the financial drivers and needs of the international activities.
    • Formulate the content and philosophy of the European and Cypriot legislative framework and to develop relevant processes and factors.
    • Improve the contemporary global, regional and local issues and develop systemic, critical and creative thinking about their impact on economic activities.
    • Acquire skills and experiences necessary for engineers who will lead the fields of modern design, additive manufacturing, 3D printing and production engineering activities.
    • Improve the procedures and analysis needed to enforce pertinent legislation, enhance the issuance of international mechanical design and production related certification, and better facilitate the environmental labelling procedure and perform feasibility analysis.
    • Develop a keen understanding of modern design and production enterprises and opportunities.
    • Improve processes such as welding, equipment, materials and metallurgy and welding safety.
    • Propose new methods to inspect and evaluate quality of welds and finished weldments.
    • Develop a balanced perspective on safety and environmental concerns by offering to the students a broad-based understanding which will help at management level decision.
    • Be equipped with the necessary knowledge and acumen to move into decision-making roles.
    • Prioritized the organizational, political and entrepreneurial aspects of the industry.
    • Combine effectively state-of-the-art software tools for advanced design and manufacturing engineering.
    • Propose new research programs for local and international funding opportunities for promoting in a sustainable way the activities of modern design and production industry.
    • Obtaining the necessary knowledge background so that they can become chartered in the professional chambers and associations.
    • Create new and innovative research results for education.
    • Formulate and balancing financial reporting and contractual activity of the design and production industry.
    • Illustrating leading edge company practice in all areas of financial reporting, from environmental impact to corporate strategy and to emphasise the roles of all players.
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