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Marshall University
Huntington, West Virginia, USA
On campus
 2628 Points
2 Years

Program Description

The mission of the our M.S. program in Biomechanics (MSBiomech) is to prepare students for advanced studies in human movement science, medical career paths such as physical therapy and medicine, and employment in areas of exercise science (research associates, laboratory technicians, academia).

Students in our Biomechanics program gain access to two world-class biomechanics professionals who have conducted movement research in a variety of academic and athletic settings. Students consistently cite the experience and dedication of the faculty as a leading reason for their career success and satisfaction with the Biomechanics program at Marshall University.

Entry Requirements

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Core Modules

Statistical Methods

Research in Physical Education

Advanced Biomechanics

Mechanical Analysis

Research Methods for Biomechanics


Thesis or Internship

Elective Modules

Exercise Metabolism

Advanced Exercise Testing

Exercise Physiology I

Structural Kinesiology

Devising and Implementing Training and Conditioning Programs

Mechanical Analysis of Motor Skills

Research in Kinesiology.

Medical Vocabularies and Classification Systems

Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology

Respiratory Exercise Physiology

Gross Anatomy/Embryology

Foundations of Biomedical Science

Neuroscience I

Neuroscience II


Neuroscience Research Techniques

Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy I

Advanced Studies in Human Development

Multiple Regression


Evidence-Based Research Methods I

Evidence-Based Research Methods II

Statistical Methods for Research

Fundamentals of Ergonomics

Concepts in Occupational Safety and Health

Research in Occupational Safety and Health

Safety Engineering and Equipment Design

Human Factors in Accident Prevention

core-Statistical Methods

core-Research in Physical Education

core-Advanced Biomechanics

core-Mechanical Analysis

core-Research Methods for Biomechanics


core-Thesis or (HS 660) Internship


Students who choose to specialize in Biomechanics at the masters, typically, these students come from areas such as Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, or Exercise Science, and many have specialized in biomechanics at the master’s level.


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