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Business Management & Marketing
Master in Business Administration (MBA) - SBS
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Master in Business Administration (MBA) - SBS

Schellhammer Business School
Malaga, Spain
On campus
1 Year

Program Description

With this MBA program in Business Administration, you will become a reliable leader ready to manage in a business world that will face many challenges and global threats, including the overpopulation of 8 to 9bn people.

Most MBA programs offer nothing more than a sterilized view of business and the wider environment that business people have to operate in. They fail to deliver on the primary objective of providing students with the necessary 360° insight into the world – the good and the bad – because they are not rooted in the all-important “human factors” that ironically are both the problem and the solution.

At its core, a good MBA program should develop and enhance the skills and understanding of Management, Strategy, Creativity, and People, in so doing preparing students for positions of leadership. Is it then any wonder that humanity is ill-equipped to face the many destructive and corrosive challenges when most leaders in politics and business are unable to offer any realistic solutions, other than archaic and failed dogmas?

The Business Administration (MBA) program at SBS delivers, by providing a deeper understanding of the “human factors” concentrating on both the critical components and constructive potentials. Additionally, there is the added focus on key business fields – Fashion, Retail, Hospitality and Tourism, Family Business, or General Business Management – in which students can build a career, embark on a new business venture or enter the world of Politics, Economics, or International Relations.

Entry Requirements

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  • Hospitality Mgt.
  • Communication & PR
  • International Relations
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intl. Marketing
  • Psychology
  • Global Economics
  • Fashion Industry
  • Luxury Industry
  • Sustainability
  • Global Politics



Marketing 21

Architecture of The Mind

Archetypal Leadership

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Globalisation – Process & Movements

Cross Cultural Management

Financial Management

Consumer Behaviour

18 Global Threats to Humanity

30 Tools to Reshape Humanity

Behavioural Economics

Strategic Management

Managing Change

Technology & Innovation


  • Fashion
  • Retail
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Family Business or General Business Management
  • New business venture
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • International Relations

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