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Business Administration (MBA)
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Business Administration (MBA)

Neapolis University Pafos
Paphos, Cyprus
 840 Points
1 Year, 6 Months
Greek, English
Start date
Sep 2022

Program Description

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) is a distinctive program that encompasses the study of finance, management, marketing, and related disciplines. The curriculum is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in an environment that develops students’ ability to make decisions related to their field and to deepen and broaden their knowledge in the operation and management of businesses. The Master in Business Administration (MBA) provides a general management post-graduate and post-experience education for those aspiring to or already at the senior management level in organizations and equips them to perform effectively in managerial positions. Accordingly, the aim is not to pursue an academic theoretical study, but rather to enable theory to inform practice.

Entry Requirements

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Degree from State Technical Institute
Bachelor's Degree
English Level
TOEFL (internet based)

Information about qualifications:

  • The University offers equal opportunities to all students regardless of their physical abilities. Candidates who have some form of disability, which is mentioned in their application, will be examined on equal terms as all other candidates. The candidates should explain in their application form the nature of their disability and inform the admissions office concerning the special needs they will require during their studies.

More requirements:

  • Two passport photos
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Information about English qualifications:

  • For those who do not meet language requirements a foundation year or intensive summer English language course can be offered.

Application deadline

  • Candidates may apply at any time during the year, though admissions will be in September and February.

Objective of the Program

The MBA aims to develop in students the ability of research and analysis, synthesis and creativity, while stressing the vital importance of information and technological development, and raising awareness of ethical, social, environmental and international issues affecting administrative decisions. In general, the educational objectives of the MBA incorporate the objectives of Neapolis University Pafos.

Graduates will:

  • demonstrate complex problem solving skills, supported by appropriate analytical and quantitative techniques to improve organizational performance.
  • possess functional knowledge and be able to integrate this knowledge in support of decision making.
  • have experience with project leadership.
  • possess the knowledge necessary to use frameworks in ethical analysis and decision making, understanding their personal responsibilities as business leaders.
  • have a global and multicultural perspective.
  • demonstrate key attributes associated with professional conduct.

Graduates will:

  • use a variety of analytical techniques to identify a complex business problem, generate and compare alternatives and develop a solution
  • select and implement the appropriate research skills and tools (information technology and / or quantitative analysis) to solve problems.
  • integrate their functional knowledge in applied settings (e.g. case analyses, group projects, research papers).
  • demonstrate knowledge relating to the concept of value creation and the role played by each functional area of the firm.
  • demonstrate a level of proficiency and self‐confidence appropriate to be a team or project leader.
  • define key components of the business operating environment(s) and explain how these components impact organizational performance and decisions.
  • diagnose cross‐cultural issues in a case setting and propose appropriate solutions.
  • demonstrate knowledge of how issues and decision criteria change depending on cultural perspectives and location.
  • demonstrate highly effective oral communication skills in professional settings, including: professional presentations and persuasive presentations.

Programme Learning Outcomes

The MBA program provides the necessary supplies and knowledge as well as formulate the required level of perception of business issues for companies, government departments.

On successful completion of the Master in Business Administration (MBA) students will be able to:

  • Design integrated solutions to complex business problems based on discipline knowledge and experience.
  • Critically evaluate current management frameworks, models, debates and evidence and integrate with practice.
  • Demonstrate an ability to think laterally, critically, innovatively, creatively, and to make connections among diverse fields of study in analysing problems
  • Critically address contrasting research dealing with multi-faceted business problems.
  • Critically evaluate the practical applications of theory to generate practice-based solutions to unstructured problems.
  • Acquire analytical and research skills to deal with business complex problems.
  • Identify and address personal and professional development needs.
  • Demonstrate an ability to make decisions in challenging situations.
  • Demonstrate an ability to lead and to interact effectively in group situations.
  • Communicate to diverse audiences through a range of media.
  • Work independently and collaboratively.
  • Manage self and others.


Semester 1

Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis

Marketing Management and Business Communication

Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

Research Methods and Data Analysis

Semester 2

Corporate Finance and Financial Management

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Compulsory

Human Resources Management Compulsory

Operations and Total Quality Management (Elective)

Contemporary Issues in Global Politics (Elective)

Semester 3


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