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Which letter of Brive represents you right now? Keep up the good work and become the ultimate Briver!


The new guy in the group! An incredible learning journey -full of surprises- has just started. Collect points and knowledge till you progress to the next level.


The rising member of the group! As the rising star of Brive, prepare for unimaginable progress. Keep collecting points!


Already halfway there? The next level is closer than you think! Gear up, collect points and skyrocket your knowledge.


The visionary of the group! You are just a step away from reaching the top of Brive. The higher you climb, the more benefits you gain.


Congratulations, you are the ultimate Briver! The journey of knowledge, though, doesn't end here. Don't forget that the points you have guarantee amazing discounts.

How it Works


Do you have questions about the levels of Brive? Let us know!

How do I level up on Brive?

Your Brive level occurs from your educational and professional background and profile. The more qualifications and knowledge you gain, the higher the level you reach.

What is the meaning of levels?

Universities are looking for qualified candidates. Complete your educational & professional background, proving that you are the top candidate!

Can I skip a level?

Yes! By fully completing your profile with your studies, experience, and skills, you can find yourself directly at your corresponding level, bypassing the previous ones.

Do I earn extra points when I level up?

No, but if you want to earn more points, you can see what you can do here!