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VIVES University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk)
VIVES University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk)
Founded in 2013

VIVES University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk) - Courses

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Affordable Tuition Fees

The university offers affordable tuition fees for Bachelor's degrees.

Educational Institution Information

VIVES University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk) is located in Belgium with approximately 17.000 students and is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in our country. VIVES University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk), with its modern and competence-based higher education, its innovative practical research, and its contribution to society, offers an adequate response to the social challenges of today and tomorrow. The university is an appreciative, friendly, and people-oriented university of applied sciences that concentrates on professionally oriented Bachelor's Degrees. In doing so the university ensures that its students contribute to the globalized world both as human beings and as professionals.

Why choose VIVES University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk)?

You will have great job security with a solid bachelor's degree: 96% of graduates find work within one year!
Τrips are organized for international students in major cities in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Belgium is right in the center of Europe, so it's the ideal place to start your discovery of the continent.
Students and lecturers continue to develop their strengths and deepen their personal and professional identities with enthusiasm. They make choices that are in keeping with their talents and goals.
The Kortrijk campus has numerous other modernly equipped locations that allow you to study or work with your fellow students.

VIVES University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk)

The VIVES University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk) has an open campus that is modern, fresh, and green. It provides numerous opportunities for you to enjoy student life in addition to studying.

The various learning activities are provided in classrooms, auditoriums, and lab or skills rooms that are outfitted with the most up-to-date didactic and audiovisual equipment.

Other campus/campuses:

VIVES University of Applied Sciences Tuition Fees

Tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation costs, and a rail pass. Studying costs money. When you enroll in higher education, you pay a yearly tuition fee. This tuition fee is determined by law and is indexed on an annual basis.

VIVES University of Applied Sciences Housing

Student housing provides a comfortable and safe environment that's specifically geared to the demands of the modern student. They invariably enjoy a central location and are in close proximity to the campus. The student rooms meet all the requisite quality standards and are equipped with the latest fire protection.

VIVES University of Applied Sciences Counselling

At every stage of your studies, you can reach out for guidance, information, advice, and counselling. Study counselors and psychologists are here for you! They are happy to listen to your questions and do everything they can to help you as much as possible. One thing is certain: you are never alone!

VIVES University of Applied Sciences Activities

The VIVES University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk) offers a lot of sports and leisure activities and you can participate in all kinds of activities of various student associations. Kortrijk itself is also a welcoming place with its numerous restaurants, shops, and shopping centers you will find yourself never wanting to leave its student-friendly atmosphere.

In addition to a contemporary library, the campus has numerous other modernly equipped facilities that allow you to study or work together with your fellow students in this fascinating campus environment. In the afternoon you can go to a student restaurant, a bistro, or a sandwich shop, or you can browse through the campus book and newspaper shop.

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