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Solbridge International School of Business

South Korea
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Founded in 2007, SolBridge International School of Business is one of the rising business schools in South Korea, where all classes are taught in English. SolBridge is located in Daejeon, Korea’s fifth-largest city and is renowned for being Korea’s Silicon Valley, with about 30 research and development institutions. The University offers both undergraduate, graduate and MBA degree programmes in business and its mission is to educate the next generation of Asian thought leaders. Based on an American curriculum, SolBridge delivers an Asian-focused business education with global perspectives. During their studies, students will acquire practical and marketable skills. With 1,488 students on campus, SolBridge has 75% international students representing up to 65 different nationalities from Asia, Central Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Europe.

Why choose it?

Prepares students to be the Next Generation of Asian Thought Leaders in the fast-growing global society.
Is one of the world’s youngest business schools to receive the AACSB accreditation.
Has an international student body, representing 64 different nationalities/countries.

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