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Schiller International University Paris
Schiller International University Paris | Brive
Founded in 1964

Schiller International University Paris

One World, One University!
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Study in one of the liveliest areas of Paris in Montparnasse. You will have all you need during your stay. While you are studying in this campus: you will have resources and services at your disposal, such as a library, bookstore and computer lab. You will be in touch with our community: alumni, current students, tutors and the entire campus staff. You can embrace the culture of a city that is a true world treasure. If you are a foreign student, you will meet multilingual professionals with an international background. You will be taught by French and international professors.

Why choose Schiller International University Paris?

Lets you take a break after any term and go back home, continue online or take a break and then start again.
Gives you the opportunity to earn an American university degree while studying in Europe, the United States of America, or Online.
Is located in four countries, where students are immersed in diverse cultural, political, and business environments.

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