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NEST Academy of Management Education

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With the help of our world-class education platform, our vision is to effectively develop leaders in the fields of sports, events, business, hospitality management, computing/IT, and English language courses. We offer relevant and up-to-date curricula that keep up with the latest developments in the Sports, Events, Hospitality, Computing, Teacher Training, and Business Management industries. We want to positively impact our students' perspectives, so our experienced core team of faculty, as well as visiting faculty from top Management Institutes and professionals from the sports, hospitality, computing, business, teacher training, and events industries, deliver lectures. The courses are specifically designed to help students develop the skill sets required to succeed in the industry. Our faculty guides students every step of the way, with an emphasis on practical training and providing the best internship opportunities. Assignments, case studies, entrepreneurship projects, and collaborative presentations are used to assess students.

Why choose it?

Maintains students' curiosity and interest levels. The educational system is intended to provide an optimal balance of theoretical and practical concepts.
Aims to develop and empower students to become well-dressed, confident, and successful professionals in sports, events, hospitality, computing, teacher training, and business management.
Organizes one-of-a-kind workshops on industry-related topics chosen by our team of experts. To keep students up to date on current events in sports, hospitality, computing, business, teacher training, and event management.

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