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Graceland University (Lamoni)
Graceland University (Lamoni) | Brive
Founded in 1895

Graceland University (Lamoni)

Wisdom for the Future!
Lamoni, Iowa,
Study Programs

Educational Institution Information

Since 1895, Graceland University has been developing students into people who will change the world by giving them the best experience and education possible. But we believe that providing a strong liberal arts learning environment — at our main residential campus in Lamoni, our Independence campus and through our online programs — is just one piece of the puzzle. Just as important are our amazing faculty, who care about their students’ success; our fun, on-campus activities that build forever friendships; and the powerful sense of place and belonging we cultivate every day. Home to just over 800 enrolled students, our beautiful and welcoming main, residential campus of Graceland University is always buzzing with activity. Located in Lamoni, Iowa, Graceland offers the safety, security and tranquility of small town life while still providing plenty of activities for our students to enjoy.

Why choose Graceland University (Lamoni)?

Has 21 varsity athletic teams and 42 clubs and organizations, you’ll have plenty of activities to choose from.
Offers the safety, security and tranquility of small town life while still providing plenty of activities for our students to enjoy.
Has over 30 undergraduate majors and minors, at Graceland you’re sure to find an area of study you’ll not only love but that you can turn into a lifetime career.

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