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Cankiri Karatekin University
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Founded in 2007

Cankiri Karatekin University

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Cankiri Karatekin University is a public university established in 2007 in the city of Cankiri. Cankiri Karatekin University, which takes on universal criteria and ethical values in education and research and adopts community benefit and stakeholder satisfaction as its principle; aims to raise individuals who are capable of thinking critically, possessing professional competence, equipped with lifelong learning philosophy, producing, applying and disseminating new information; and to compete internationally in scientific and artistic fields. Cankiri Karatekin University aims to be an innovative, pioneer in international education and research, preferred and adopted by students, researchers and employees. Cankiri Karatekin University adopts the “living campus” approach by considering the social and cultural development it provides, as well as the academic and intellectual development of its students. With the Living Campus, students are educated in an equipped campus, where they can access all their academic and social needs whenever they want.

Why choose Cankiri Karatekin University?

Is located in a safe and affordable city, where you can enjoy the nature and history together, with easy access Ankara, Turkey’s capital.
Has academic buildings, application and research centers, laboratories, workshops and studios, and many social service areas such as libraries, dining halls, guesthouses, student dormitories, health units and counseling centers.
Serves with indoor and outdoor sports facilities established on a total area of ​​21.443 m² in order to bring its students to the society as healthy and balanced individuals in terms of physical, mental and spiritual health.

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