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Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI Athens)
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Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI Athens)

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BSBI is proud to be able to provide students with an international study experience. Begin your international studies in Athens. A historical, cultural, and heritage-rich city. Explore Athens as a student, learn about its history, benefit from a multi-city education, and enjoy the warm climate and beautiful weather all year round. Our partner IST is dedicated to excellence, and its quality and campus reflect its goals of assisting all students studying in Athens, Greece. The IST campus is located in the heart of Athens, Greece. Students benefit from excellent school grounds that are well-connected and close to world-famous landmarks. If you need to unwind, take advantage of your international study experience by simply stepping outside to explore Athens, which is right outside your door.

Why choose it?

Aiming at cultivating a modern entrepreneurial mentality and bringing the world of business closer to students, IST organizes a series of events, such as conferences, lectures, seminars, company visits, and business competitions.
IST has a modern campus that benefits from an on-site library, computer labs, numerous amphitheaters, and classrooms, along with student services and support staff, students will be supported to ensure an outstanding level of student satisfaction.
Culture is one of Greece’s major selling points. Greece is known for its art, philosophy, and mythology, and museum-goers interested in learning about this rich history will be spoilt for choice.

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