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Australian National University
Australian National University | Brive
Founded in 1946

Australian National University

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Our campus is located in Canberra, Australia's capital city. Some of Australia's most important political and cultural institutions, including the Australian Parliament House, are a short walk, bike ride, or drive away. Among our modern lecture halls, libraries, laboratories, student residences, and administration buildings are all the amenities of a small town, such as cafes, bars, supermarkets, child care centers, a news agency, a post office, and even a medical center. Is well known for its landscape setting, with many remnants and planted trees and a clear commitment to open space preservation. Avenues are important features of the Acton campus, providing avenues throughout the campus that contribute to its park-like nature. They are nationally and internationally recognized features of the Acton campus.

Why choose Australian National University?

Cafes, bars, supermarkets, child care centers, a newsagency, post office, and even a medical center can be found in this small suburb.
Sullivan's Creek and University Avenue are key features of the Acton Campus, providing major avenues across the campus that contribute to its 'park-like' nature. They are also nationally and internationally recognized features of the Acton Campus.
Students and teachers come from all over the world. So, regardless of where you're from or what you're interested in, you'll find a welcoming community at ANU where you can connect and feel at ease.

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