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Why study for a Sports Management degree
Why study a Sports Management degree

Why study for a Sports Management degree

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Sports are loved with passion by people all over the world, whether as an activity or a spectacle. One could even say that sports are a universal language that brings people of all backgrounds and ages together in harmony. For kids and teenagers, in particular, sports are a significant part of their school life, social activity, and recreation. It’s something they watch, do or talk about passionately every day.

So, in a sense, most youngsters already have the empirical background required for professional involvement in the world of sports long before they enter higher education. So why not pursue a sports management degree and study something familiar but also exciting and potentially lucrative?

What is a sports management degree

Sports management is the business field that deals with sports and recreation. As a discipline, it requires a combination of excellent administrative, financial, organizational, marketing, sales, communication, HR, and other management skills.

Glamorous as it may sound, it’s not an easy field to succeed in. Success as a sports manager means running against and finishing before some of the fiercest competitors in the world of business. It takes a lot of work and effort, and that’s why someone has to be well-equipped before they step into the race.

That’s where a degree in sports management comes into the picture. It provides graduates with proficiency in all the skills necessary to enter the spectacular world of sports, games, and entertainment as business executives. It’s a valuable headstart opposite other business or management graduates who may also go for a career in sports and recreation. A sports management bachelor’s degree secures a place in the inner lane, ahead of the competition.

That’s because a sports management degree prepares candidates for a particular area of expertise. It offers a close look at the history of sports, their ethics, and the laws that govern them, providing students with the necessary framework for making the most of their acquired business skills.

What can you do with a sports management degree

Few business fields are as exciting and diverse as sports and recreation, and even fewer are so easy to become passionate about. Besides their alluring nature, sports are also an ever-growing industry that never ceases to expand in new directions.

Therefore, a degree in sports management provides graduates with the opportunity to follow their passion, as well as serve sports from many different, but equally intriguing positions. For example, a sports management degree could lead someone to a long and fruitful career as:

An athletic director

Would you like to be in charge of an educational institution’s sports program? To oversee athletic activity, manage coaches, and hire top talent to spark new life in your teams? Or be the director of a famous sports club, operating above the coaching staff to put your team ahead of the competition? If so, a degree in sports management is exactly what you’re looking for.

A sporting events coordinator

Wouldn’t it be amazing to work behind the scenes of a major sporting event, a world-class football tournament, or an athletics championship? It sounds like a dream job, but it’s more than possible with a sports management degree.

A sports facilities manager

The Wembley, Camp Nou, the Stade Roland Garros, the Madison Square Garden. Guess what these iconic sports venues have in common. That’s right! They all have an administrator to make sure their facilities stay in top shape and ready to accommodate the greatest sporting competitions in the world. Probably, someone with a bachelor's degree in sports management.

A sports agent

Ever wondered who’s the mastermind behind every successful athlete in the world? Their agent, of course! It’s the person that puts the right price on their talent and value and gets them what they deserve. How would you like to be that person? Start with a sports management degree and the sky is the limit!

Or even a coach!

Yes, a degree in sports management can even take you to a non-business but still exciting career path like that of a sports coach, technical director, or scouting manager. Knowing the ins and outs of sports management and its business aspects can land you the best gigs in the coaching market and give you a quite valuable competitive advantage.

As you can see, there’s a long list of impressive jobs you can get with a sports management degree. But that’s not the only thing that’s great about it…

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Where can you work with a sports management degree

What you do after you graduate is very important, but one could say that WHERE you do it is equally important. A bachelor degree in sports management comes with a lot of career prospects but also a lot of unique privileges.

One of them is that sports management degree holders don’t stay crammed in corporate offices in charge of dull tasks. Instead, they get to work in a field they love with people they admire, within organizations that every professional would be excited to be a part of: famous sports clubs; sports governing bodies; big health clubs; athletic venues; sports agencies; sporting goods manufacturers; sporting events organizers; sports marketing agencies; and many more.

As you can see for yourself, a sports management degree may help you become anything you ever dreamt of. You can be a sports agent like Jerry McGuire. Or you can be in charge of a big sporting venue, literally holding the keys to the legendary places where your biggest idols have written sports history.

So now, when somebody asks what jobs can you get with a sports management degree, you will have an answer that leaves them in awe and has them enrolled by the next day!

Why pursue a degree in sports management

When the time comes for teenagers to pick their studies, it’s usually their gut feeling that drives their choices. In that light, a sports management degree seems like an obvious option for many youngsters today, especially those who have already shown a strong preference for business studies in general.

Still, there are solid reasons for someone to bypass other fields of study and focus solely on the business aspect of sports and recreation. More specifically, a sports management bachelor degree gives you the chance to:

  • Become an insider in a huge entertainment industry that captivates people’s hearts and minds. And work with people you already love and admire for their accomplishments.
  • Combine general business studies with a specialization in a fast-growing and exciting professional field.
  • Pursue a lucrative career in a business sector that offers some of the highest-paying and most fulfilling jobs in the market.

Awesome, right? So, if you like these features and the thought of working in the world of sports sends shivers down your spine, there are many universities with sports management degree programs to consider. For starters, have a look at three sports management degree courses picked by our experts:

Why choose an online sports management degree

Sports management is a business field that can attract people from many different professional backgrounds connected solely by their love for sports and athletes. For some, it’s not their primary field of study but they choose to make the transition because they want to do something far more satisfying and promising than their current profession. Most cannot quit their jobs or get away from their families to study a sports management degree in an institution that’s probably far from their home.

The best solution is to get a sports management degree online by attending courses at their pace, taking it one step at a time according to their availability. It takes more self-discipline and commitment than the traditional way of studying, but pursuing a more rewarding career, personally and financially, is worth all the time and effort.

Find the right course for you! Answer a few questions to get personalized recommendations.

When do you need a sports management masters degree

The third path to a fulfilling career in the sports and recreation industry is via a master’s degree (an MBA or an MSc). It’s the best chance business or management graduates have to acquire a specialization that will expand their professional boundaries and provide them with new and exciting opportunities. Not to mention better financial prospects within an industry that's filled with high-profile and high-paying positions.

A masters degree in sports management can take from 1 to 2 years, depending on the program you choose, but it’s time and money well spent with many benefits in the long run. To kickstart your research, we have picked three of the best sports management master's degree programs out there:

Still not sure about studying a sports management degree?

Before making important decisions about your future, it’s always good to take a step back and have a second look at your preferred options. If a sports management bachelor’s degree is among them you should consider some simple factors:

  • Are business and sports two of your favorite subjects?
  • Do you prefer classroom-based studies or a sports management online degree?
  • Does working in the sports industry sound like a potentially fulfilling career?
  • Are you ready to be part of the game instead of a spectator?
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If you’re already hyped up about getting a sports management degree, the answer should be easy. Before you step into the game, all you have to do is think pick the best sports management degree program for you, to enroll and start preparing for showtime!

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