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The highest paying jobs in Canada and how to pursue them
The highest paying jobs in Canada and how to pursue them

The highest paying jobs in Canada and how to pursue them

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Canada is currently one of the top destinations worldwide for pursuing higher education at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. That's mainly because it's home to some of the best research-oriented universities globally, all famous for admitting and accommodating a significant number of international students.

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But Canada is not solely a place to get a quality degree and move on. It's a bustling and diverse market brimming with high-profile job opportunities across all industries. It's a traditionally multicultural state that welcomes many foreign students, temporary workers, or potential permanent residents. Students are allowed to work in Canada with only their study permit and after graduating, they are encouraged to apply for a post-graduation work permit and start their career in Canada.

So, it's not a surprise that many non-Canadians begin their professional journey in Canada and end up staying for the long haul, since for many, working at a top Canadian company in the field of their study and having the chance to pursue one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada is an offer they cannot refuse.

What are the highest-paying jobs in Canada?

In Canada, just like elsewhere, many of the highest-paying jobs are in specific industries (e.g., medicine). However, lucrative career opportunities can be found in every industry and sector, depending on one's degree, specialization, and experience. So, if you aspire to study at a Canadian university, it's good to know which are the highest-paying jobs in Canada. Ultimately, this information might play a major role in choosing your undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

First, to give you a heads-up, here are the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Canada for 2022, with salaries mostly over CAD 100,000, according to HR specialists, Randstad (medical jobs excluded):

  • Software engineer
  • Financial controller
  • Plant manager
  • Application programming manager
  • Marketing director
  • Business development manager
  • Cloud Architect
  • IT operations manager
  • Electrical engineer
  • Construction project manager

Now, to provide a more focused perspective, let's see what are the highest-paying jobs in Canada across five sectors popular among international students:

The highest-paying engineering jobs in Canada

Engineering is a multi-faceted professional sector that plays a crucial role in various industries, both traditional and cutting-edge. Engineers are highly sought after and can often rise to mid and high-ranking executive positions. As expected, the diverse roles within the engineering field are often some of the highest-paying in the market. Here are the top five highest-paying engineering jobs in Canada, according to Randstad:

  • Plant manager
  • Contracts manager
  • Electrical engineer
  • Construction project manager
  • Supply chain manager

The highest-paying computer science jobs in Canada

Computer science may be the fastest-growing professional field right now. Informatics graduates are in high demand across various industries as they possess the skills to develop advanced technologies and drive the digital transformation of systems and corporations. Of course, they get paid accordingly. Here are the Randstad top five highest-paying computer science jobs in Canada:

  • Software engineer
  • Application programming manager
  • IT operations manager
  • Cloud Architect
  • Machine learning engineer

The highest-paying medical jobs in Canada

Healthcare is an essential professional sector and a significant job provider in Canada. Of course, surgeons and physicians are highly skilled and highly paid, but there are many other positions in the medical field that guarantee lucrative careers. The top five highest-paying medical jobs in Canada (non-physician) according to Indeed are:

  • Midwife
  • Speech-language pathologist
  • Prosthetist
  • Registered nurse
  • Chiropractor

The highest-paying finance jobs in Canada

Regardless of major shifts in the international job market, finance jobs remain crucial to the economic health and development of a country. Canada is home to some of the largest enterprises in the world, where finance graduates can land some of the best-paying jobs in their field. Randstad lists the top five highest-paying finance jobs in Canada as follows:

  • Financial controller
  • Accounting supervisor
  • Financial analyst
  • External auditor
  • Risk management analyst

The highest-paying MBA jobs in Canada

For business majors seeking a specialization or professionals aiming to enhance their administrative skill set, pursuing a high-profile MBA degree is often the best option. That's mainly because it's a gateway to some of the best-paying corporate jobs in Canada. For example, these top five highest-paying MBA jobs in Canada as ranked by Randstad:

  • Marketing director
  • Business development manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Business analyst
  • Executive Assistant

How to prepare for the highest-paying jobs in Canada

While the lists mentioned earlier may not provide an exhaustive representation, they do highlight emerging trends in the elite job market, suggesting a preference for certain fields of study. Considering this information, individuals planning to study in Canada can carefully assess their study choices and determine which options are most likely to support a lucrative career in the future.

In a nutshell, the path to one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada begins with a quality degree from an acclaimed Canadian institution and a valid work permit.

How to prepare for the highest-paying jobs in Canada as a high-school graduate

So, if you're a high school graduate looking for the next step in your academic journey, look no further. Canada boasts some of the world's best universities, offering cutting-edge educational programs to thousands of foreign students every year. To ensure a promising career in the Canadian job market, it is advisable to conduct thorough research and identify the best bachelor's programs in academic fields that are experiencing increased demand. Studying in Canada is the first and most crucial step to landing one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada in the future.

How to prepare for the highest-paying jobs in Canada as a university graduate

The path to the Canadian elite job market is also open to foreign university graduates. If you've completed your degree in your country (or a Canadian university) and want to go for one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada, you can enroll in a top-notch postgraduate program and lay the groundwork for a bright professional future. Canadian universities offer diverse postgraduate programs and specializations, and their holders have been proven highly employable across all industries.

Armed with a top-quality bachelor's or master's degree, you possess a valuable asset for pursuing some of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. However, as a foreigner looking to kickstart your career in the country, it is crucial to ensure your employment eligibility by promptly applying for the appropriate work permit. This will enable you to begin engaging in interviews with potential employers without delay, maximizing your chances of securing a desirable position.

How to pursue the highest-paying jobs in Canada

It's important to note that foreign students studying in Canada have the opportunity to work on and off campus with their study permit, albeit with certain restrictions. This provides students with the ability to not only support themselves financially but also gain valuable work experience in their field of study. Engaging in part-time employment related to their chosen field can significantly enhance their resume and increase their chances of securing one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada after completing their studies.

Before picking their studies, candidates should know that many Canadian universities offer cooperative education programs (Co-Ops). These hybrid programs enable students to combine their studies with acquiring valuable professional experience in their field. Co-op bachelor's graduates are often more than qualified to pursue a high-profile position upon graduation, and even start on a high salary from day one.

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Picking the right field of study and excelling in it is an important initial step toward pursuing one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. However, after obtaining their diploma, graduates need to apply for a post-graduation open work permit, which allows them to work in any field and for any employer for up to three years. This work permit provides graduates with the flexibility to explore various career opportunities and gain valuable experience.

With the post-graduation open work permit, graduates have the opportunity to prove themselves in the Canadian job market. If their employment experience aligns with their long-term goals, they can apply for a regular work permit or even pursue permanent residency, opening doors to continued professional growth and a prosperous career in Canada.

The highest-paying jobs in Canada could be within your reach

To sum up, we could say that the highest-paying jobs in Canada are predominantly associated with dynamic and forward-thinking fields such as engineering, medicine, and computer science.

To pave the way for a highly lucrative professional career, it is essential to select an academic path aligned with your aspirations. Once you have determined your desired path, the key lies in formulating a strategic plan and committing to it. If you aspire to secure one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada, it is crucial to excel in your studies and actively seek out relevant work experience while pursuing your degree. Fortunately, Canada provides many work opportunities for international students, without the need for additional paperwork other than a valid study permit.

Upon completing your degree, you can obtain a post-graduation work permit, which grants you the opportunity to pursue your dream job. With a timeframe of up to three years, you can immerse yourself in the professional landscape and steadily progress toward securing one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada.

It might look like a long shot now, but if you know what you want and stick to your roadmap, no dream job is out of reach.

Stay tuned!

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