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Hospitality and Tourism Management
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Hospitality and Tourism Management

European University Cyprus
Nicosia, Cyprus
 1000 Points
4 Years
Start date
Oct 2022

Program Description

Hospitality and Tourism Management is a field where meeting people and sharing culture and experiences is in your job description.

Cyprus is a major tourist destination with world-class hotels and resorts—offering our students and graduates exciting training opportunities and vast scope for professional growth in this industry. The Hotel, Tourism and Event Management degree at EUC covers business principles of hotel, tourism and event enterprises, including revenue and pricing, culinary business management, human resource management, as well as destination planning and sustainable development, event organization and international marketing strategies.

Our students gain practical training in internships and placements concurrent with their studies. Graduates enjoy success in a range of industries from five-star resorts to corporate event, conference and summit organizers and public tourism authorities. The degree also prepares students for advanced studies at the MBA level or in specialized management fields.

Entry Requirements

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High School Diploma (or equivalent)
High School Diploma (Apolytirion from Professional Lyceum)
IB Diploma
English Level
TOEFL (paper based)
International Baccalaureate

Information about qualifications:

  • Official copy of High School Leaving Certificate and grade marksheet in English

More requirements:

  • Passport sized photo

English qualifications and information:

  • Knowledge of the English language is not a requirement for admission. At European University Cyprus, applicants whose native language is not English take the university’s English Placement Test (EPT) upon arrival at the university to indicate their English level and be placed in appropriate courses.
  • Candidates, whose English proficiency is not up to the university’s standard, have the opportunity to take additional English language classes according to their degree requirements.

More information:

  • There may be an additional application fee by this University.


Semester 1

Introduction to Financial Accounting

Free Elective

The Hospitality Business

Essentials of Culinary Arts

Designing and Managing Bar and Beverage Operations

Semester 2

Fundamentals of Tourism and Global Changes

Free Elective

Language I

Social Media and Marketing Communications

Managing Front Office, Technology and Reservation Systems

Semester 3

Language Ⅱ

Free Elective

Event Development and Management

Organizational Behaviour

Facilities Management

Semester 4

Writing for Business Studies

Service Encounters and Quality

Marketing Principles for Tourism and Hospitality

Revenue and Cost Control Management in Hospitality and Tourism

Business Statistics

Semester 5

Business Communication in English

Food Service Sanitation, Hygiene and Risk Management

Managing and Developing Human Capital

Niche Tourism and Innovative Products

Hospitality Luxury Brand Management

Semester 6

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Contemporary Challenges in Hospitality and Tourism Development & Management

The Art of Gastronomy

Managing Casino, Spa and Wellness Services

Semester 7

Strategic Management and Leadership in Hospitality and Tourism

Managing Cultural Attractions

Corporate and Business Law I

Research Methods and Data Analysis in Hospitality and Tourism

Placement in Hospitality and Tourism Enterprises

Semester 8

Internship in Hospitality and Tourism Enterprises

Independent Study in Hospitality and Tourism


  • World Class Hotels
  • Tour Operators
  • Tourism Authorities
  • Event Planning
  • Public Relations

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