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Maritime Studies
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Maritime Studies

Frederick University
Nicosia, Cyprus
 840 Points
4 Years

Program Description

Maritime transport is the backbone of international trade and the global economy. The standards of living in the industrialised and developed countries as well as the livelihoods and employment of billions of people in the developing world, depend on ships and shipping. Globalisation means that sea transport will continue to play a pivotal role in trade movements well beyond the 21st century. Cyprus, as a leading EU maritime nation, is also among the top maritime countries in the world and a well-established commercial and business hub.

International trade is built on the interrelationships of transportation, economic growth and globalisation plus the underlying processes of shipping, trade patterns, finance and regulation. The Frederick University BSc Programme in Maritime Studies aims to develop the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in the trade and maritime sectors.

The BSc in Maritime Studies is firmly established and respected in the shipping and trading community, being the first Programme of its kind in the Republic of Cyprus.

The BSc Programme in Maritime Studies aims to equip students with a thorough knowledge of every aspect of the Maritime Business applied on a broad business administration knowledge base. As a result, our graduates are able to fulfill the requirements of any managerial post within the maritime world and its associated activities.

Entry Requirements

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High School Diploma (or equivalent)
English Level
TOEFL (paper based)
TOEFL (internet based)

Information about admission:

  • Candidates for a bachelor degree program should submit a school leaving certificate from a recognized six-form secondary school (high school) with an average grade of 75% (Greek Cypriot secondary schools) or a grade “C” or its equivalent (other secondary schools), or equivalent qualification. Candidates who submit a six-form secondary school leaving certificate but do not meet the above grade requirements may be admitted on a probationary status, if they show potential for educational advancement. The probationary status will be removed, subject to a satisfactory academic performance. Candidates admitted on probationary status may also be asked to enroll in foundation courses in order to improve their skills and/or to take reduced load.
  • A recent certificate of good conduct issued by the police of the candidate's country of origin or residence, if necessary translated in Greek or English. The good conduct certificate should be original and issued less than 6 months prior to the beginning of the semester for which the student is applying. The names and titles of the persons issuing and certifying the document should be clearly stated therein.


  • Personal interviews are not normally required as part of the admission process; however, Frederick University reserves the right to request an interview before making a final decision on accepting an applicant.

More information:

  • There may be an additional application fee by this University.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the student is expected to:

  • Converse intelligently about the global economy and discuss all issues related to Maritime Economics for all the Shipping Sectors.
  • Exhibit a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of issues related to Maritime Law and Insurance, as well as to broader legal issues.
  • Evaluate a Shipping Investment.
  • Describe and discuss the International Maritime Regulations and associated ship management practices that decisively influence the shipping business.
  • Have a firm grasp of the economic, political and social forces shaping the globalizing trends of the world in the 21st century, as experienced in the structure and functions of the shipping industry.
  • Demonstrate a strong background in the standard core curriculum of business administration courses.
  • Use a firm foundation for the continual process of learning; be prepared for postgraduate studies and research in Cyprus and abroad.


Semester 1

Business Communication I

Introductory Accounting I

Introduction to Business Organisation I

Business Mathematics

Introduction to Shipping and Shipping Markets

Semester 2

Introduction to Microeconomics

Statistics I

Introduction to Basic Legal Concepts and Commercial Law

Shipping Accounting

Shipping Practice & Marine Geography

Semester 3

Introduction to Macroeconomics

Marketing Principles I

Principles of Shipping and Admiralty Law

Ship Management

Free Elective

Semester 4

Human Resource Management

Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea

Marine Ecosystems, Threats and Management

Port and Terminal Operations and Management

Free Elective

Semester 5

Economics of Sea Transport and International Trade

Logistics and Distribution Management

Shipping Cost and Managent Accounting

Marine Insurance I

Shipping and Business Elective

Semester 6

Business Finance I

Principles of Public International Maritime Law

Maritime Economics I

Marine Insurance II

Shipping and Business Elective

Semester 7

Chartering I

Maritime Economics II

Project Introduction & Methodology

Shipping Finance I

Shipping and Business Elective

Semester 8

Chartering II

Maritime Policy

Final Project

Shipping Finance II

Shipping and Business Elective


Public sector agencies with regulatory responsibilities together with NGO’s and other public interest organisations all need to be able to draw upon the same pool of well-educated people.


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