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Natural & Applied Sciences
Bachelor in Biology (BSc) - University of Pecs (Pecs)
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Bachelor in Biology (BSc) - University of Pecs (Pecs)

University of Pecs
Pecs, Hungary
On campus
 1000 Points
3 Years

Program Description

The Biology BSc line offers a full 3-year-education in biology. The study program for the full-time training offers a complete education in biology, with special directions, particularly in neurobiology, genetics, microbiology, animal and plant ecology, botany, zoology, and plant physiology.

Special directions in the second year have two modules: infra-individual (means more laboratory practice and cellular biology) and supra-individual (means more ecology) courses.

Each module has 5-8 subjects with lectures, seminars, and laboratory practices. The basic subjects presented in lectures prepare for the practical courses and provide a wider view of the related scientific fields (chemistry and physics). The students will familiarize their knowledge with the most modern instrumentation in our new research center.

It covers all aspects of education, research, and innovation in the fields of biomedical, natural, and environmental sciences. It also provides an opportunity to join the research work in 22 research groups operating in the building.

Entry Requirements

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Year 1

Semester 1

Biological Laboratory Fundamentals

Comparative Anatomy I

Plant Anatomy and Morphology

Cell Biology

Semester 2

Organic Chemistry


Plant Taxonomy and Systematics

Year 2

Semester 3


Comparative Physiology

General Ecology

Semester 4

Biochemistry Laboratory

Botanical and Zoological Field Practice

Plant Physiology


Year 3

Semester 5


Basic Genetics

Molecular Biology

Semester 6

Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection



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