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Biology (Profile Biomedicine)
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Biology (Profile Biomedicine)

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
Moscow, Russia
1239 Points
4 Years
English, Russian

Program Description

Academic bachelor in Biology (profile "Biomedicine") provides in-depth study of both biological and fundamental medical disciplines. When creating the course, we have accumulated all the best that was developed and tested at the Biomedical faculty of the University in the framework of six-year education (specialty) in the fields of "Medical biochemistry", "Medical Biophysics" and "Medical Cybernetics" in it.

In the process of learning, students get a holistic view of the functioning of living systems at all levels of the organization from molecular to organismic. The main attention is focused on the study of molecular and physiological processes in the body in normal and pathological conditions, as well as on modern medical and biological technologies used in scientific and clinical biomedical research. Lecture courses are held in parallel with practical classes, where students study the basic laws and rules of research work in the laboratory. Unlike many non-medical universities, we have experience in training specialists to work on biomedical profile!

A graduate who has mastered this bachelor's program and hastily passed the state final certification, is awarded the qualification of "Bachelor" in the direction of training 06.03.01 "Biology".

Applicants (citizens of Russia) enrolled in the first year of bachelor degree can participate in the competition for training under the double degree program with the University of Turin.

Entry Requirements

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High School Diploma (or equivalent)
English Level
Required Documents
Certified Copy of the English Certification
ID Certified Copy
Passport Certified Copy
Certified Copy of the High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Student Visa

Entrance Examinations:

  • Math, Biology — for international students coming in for training using English


Graduates who have mastered the bachelor's program can work in the following positions:

  • teacher of biology, chemistry, mathematics, ecology in high school
  • specialist in environmental services and organizations
  • laboratory assistant, laboratory researcher or technician in an educational institution, research Institute or sanitary-epidemiological station

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