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The European University of Rome
Rome, Italy
5 Years

Program Description

The course offers the necessary skills to address the selective procedures for access to traditional legal professions (magistracy, lawyers and notaries) and to hold managerial positions in public administrations, national and European, and in private companies.

In particular, the course forms a legal professional: a) with a solid knowledge of the regulatory system, in the complexity of its national and supranational components
b) provided with the interpretative and argumentative abilities necessary for the solution of legal problems, even unpublished and complex
c) able to move with ease even in different legal contexts and in constant transformation and in the virtual spaces opened by new technologies.

The educational offer is particularly attentive to the themes of innovation and the international context, without neglecting the methodological rigor and the attention to the operational and casuistic data.

The traditional didactics is accompanied by workshops and exercises, also written, in order to favor a direct contact with the living reality of the law. Attendance at educational activities is an essential part of the training course. The class schedule is designed to allow efficient use of time and optimal distribution of workloads. Study abroad experiences represent an ideal completion of the training course.

Entry Requirements

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High School Diploma (or equivalent)
English Level

More documents:

  • 3 recent passport photos

More information:

  • There may be an additional application fee by this University.

Specialist Profiles

The Student will choose one of the following profiles that characterize his / her study path:

  • profile of law and management of new technologies, which explores the innovative issues of personal data management and biotechnology, digital public administration and online content and services
  • international profile with courses taught in English
  • forensic profile with theoretical and practical lessons that enable students to learn the skills of legal professions through the problem solving learning methodology

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