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Neapolis University Pafos
Paphos, Cyprus
 739 Points
4 Years
Start date
Sep 2022

Program Description

The Bachelor of Law (LLB) programme has been offered since September 2012 (official recognition by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus and recognition as equivalent by DOATAP’s decision 10.12.2012 no. 13300/2012). The current curriculum is uniform and is based on Cypriot and Greek law.

The Law School awards LLB, equitable and respective of the University level four-year law schools. The duration of studies is eight semesters of full time study. Each semester consists of 13 weeks of instruction and 39 hours of instruction per course.

The offer is valid for the first year of study. To continue the special offer, the student must receive an academic grade of 85% or more.

Entry Requirements

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High School Diploma (or equivalent)
IB Diploma

Other accepted qualifications:

  • Other equivalent secondary education diploma

More requirements:

  • Two passport photos

Objective of the Bachelor

General Objectives of the modified Program

Bachelor-of-Law-LLB-Neapolis-University-in-cyprusThe Legal Studies Program aims inter alia to familiarize the students during the four-year course with the “principles” and the basic concepts governing the Legal System of Cyprus, together with that of Greece. The main advantage of the program is that the student comes into contact with the two main families of law, the Anglo-Saxon (Cyprus) and the mainland (Greece).

The program of Law is aimed at students who either enrolled in the first year as high school graduates or are already graduates of other recognized academic disciplines and seek to acquire and graduate degree in law from Neapolis University, through the recognition of a certain number of courses from their previous studies (with a maximum of 60 credits), if the recognized courses share a cognitive link between them, provided that their studies in Law last at least three academic years.

Specific and ultimate goals of the modified Curriculum

The Student:

  • Is Equipped with the necessary, basic, knowledge and the necessary methodological tools to understand and be able to correctly interpret the case-law and legislative texts. While learning to distinguish the admission and influence in the Greek and Cypriot legal system of the European Union law and international law.
  • Learns from the first year of the production process, application and interpretation of law.
  • Understands the political and social issues affecting the adoption, implementation and interpretation of the law.
  • Learns to investigate legal sources and interpret the adoptive law rules on a systematic and methodical way.
  • Familiarizes themselves with the rules and secrets of legal thinking as the forensic reasoning of judicial decisions and, most importantly, is exercised to being able to articulate, write and speak, legal arguments and to develop legal reasoning.
  • Finally, is equipped with all the necessary legal skills to be able to monitor and participate, as an agent of the proceedings in litigation, draw up documents and defend arguments with the legal opinion in any kind of legal controversies or disputes.
  • The former cognitive and methodological equipment ensures the ability to a career as a future combatant lawyer, legal adviser in the private and public sectors, judge, official in an international organization, academia, etc..

Structure of the Programme

The single legal studies program comprises 26 required courses, one compulsory course selection and 16 electives. Each required course is equivalent to 6 credits, except for five courses, corresponding to 5 credits. Convenient public law and private law corresponding to 6 credits. But alongside traditions, students of both courses have the opportunity to observe trials, to participate in competitions virtual trial, additional seminars etc. and credited additional two credits

The practical issues of public law and private law correspond to 6 credits. But alongside teaching classes, students of both courses have the opportunity to observe trials, to participate in competitions of virtual trial, additional seminars etc. and to be credited with two additional credits. Each course of compulsory selection and elective course correspond to 5 credits.

The teaching of the course lasts 13 weeks per semester, covering a total of 39 hours of instruction. To facilitate the professional recognition of their diploma in Greece, students have the opportunity to attend 18 of the 26 required courses with alternative curricula in Greek law. Students are required to complete at least 240 credits in order to graduate



During the last years of study the offered procedural courses (civil, criminal and administrative procedure) and the practical issues of private, public, criminal and commercial law give the student an opportunity to summarize their knowledge through internships.

During teaching all modern online media offered by digital technology are exploited, for the better and easier consolidation of the curriculum (PowerPoint, Moodle, e-conference, online tests, etc.). The teaching is not intended, as usually happens, to the mechanical transmission of legal knowledge ex cathedra. It aims at fostering the student with the capacity to develop legal reasoning, formulate legal arguments interpreting the right rules of law and above all to prepare legal documents.

Finally the successful completion of legal studies program requires the student to participate in the learning process with personal and systematic work at home or in the library. Active personal involvement also equips the student with the ability to work alone, researching literature and legal sources and to acquire knowledge beyond that offered by the teacher and textbook.


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