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Bachelor in Criminology (BA) - Middlesex University
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Bachelor in Criminology (BA) - Middlesex University

Middlesex University
London, Great Britain
On campus
 2083 Points
3 Years
Start date
Oct 2023

Program Description

To study a bachelor's in Criminology (BA) is to embark on a fascinating journey exploring the problem of crime. Learn about its causes and consequences, and investigate how society does and should respond to criminal behavior in all its forms.

This bachelor in Criminology (BA) is ideal if you're interested in how society responds to criminal behaviour and the challenges that this provides. Blending theory with practice, you’ll develop your knowledge by exploring key issues related to crime and justice before testing that knowledge through placements (when possible) within criminology-focused organisations and projects.

This blended program in Criminology gives you the opportunity to pick from a wide range of options, enabling you to choose the areas you are particularly interested in or align with your career goals.

Your bachelor's in Criminology (BA) will focus on key elements of criminology and sociology including crime and control, social sciences, justice and punishment, and forensic skills. The course in Criminology offers visits (when possible) to criminal justice organisations, courts and prisons, as well as inviting industry-leading guest speakers to give you a well-rounded and practice-based course that will propel you into your chosen career.

Entry Requirements

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Year 1

Crime in Social Context

Skills and Debates in Criminology

Explaining Crime

Researching Crime in the City

Crime, Media and Culture

Institutions of Criminal Justice

Law for Criminology

Quantitative Investigation of Crime

Year 2

Research Methods for Studying Contemporary Society

Contemporary Criminological Theory

Criminology and Practice: Working in Criminology

Transforming Justice: Human Rights and Power in Contemporary Policy and Practice

Race and Social Justice

Choose one of the following:
Prisons and Penology
Sociology of Intimate and Personal Lives: Family, Friendship and Self
Digital Media and the Social World
Volunteering for Engagement and Professional Development
Criminal Law and Legal Processes

Choose one of the following:
Our Social World: Welfare, Care, Education and Housing in Contemporary Britain
Gender and Crime
Youth, Crime, and Justice
Cybercrime in Contemporary Criminology
Cities and Communities

Year 3


Learning at Work

Contemporary Issues in Criminology and Policy Processes

Choose two of the following:
Comparative Criminal Justice: Criminal Courts, Sentencing and Prisons
‘Learning Together’ Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
Digital and Visual Methods
Gender, Sexuality, and Society
Organized Violence: War, Genocide, and Terrorism
Violent Crime
Rehabilitation and Community Support
Investigations in Theory and Practice
Crimes of the Powerful

Choose three of the following:
Home, Housing the Society
Life Course, Health and Disability
Radicalization and Violent Extremism
Social Movements and Protest
Learning at Work
Forensic Mental Health and Offending
Children as Victims and the Child Protection System
Drugs, Crime, and Criminal Justice
Gangs, Group Offending, and Joint Enterprise
Environmental Justice and Green Criminology
Transnational Crime


A wide variety of careers across the public, private and voluntary sectors are open to graduates of Criminology (BA). Our previous graduates have been successful at gaining employment in a wide range of organisations, including:

  • Central and local government
  • The police
  • Court services
  • Youth justice
  • Victim support services
  • Voluntary and community-based sector

Roles in these organisations are diverse but include:

  • Research
  • Crime analysis
  • Policy and campaigning
  • Court work
  • Offender and victim casework work
  • Investigative and legal work

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