Journalism & Media
Mass Communication
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Mass Communication

Lincoln University College
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
3 Years, 2 Months
Start date
Sep 2021

Program Description

The program presents to the students an interdisciplinary basis on the theory and skills essential to develop into media practitioners and more informed media consumers. The student through this course will gain real world experience in the mass media professions. The graduates will achieve a variety of careers openings related to media field, including advertising, corporate communication, public relations, journalism, and broadcasting. As a result students interested in graduate studies in this field can also opt for advanced studies in various fields across the country.

This course will train the students to survive in the rapidly expanding world of media and corporate communication by teaching technological skills and knowledge for work in corporate media and communication fields, in addition to the understanding of matters related to media, communication and information.

Entry Requirements

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High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Foundation Year
English Level
Required Documents
Certified Copy of the English Certification
ID Certified Copy
Passport Certified Copy
Certified Copy of the High School Diploma (Apolytirion from General Lyceum)
Student Visa

Alternative entry qualifications:

  • Pass in Diploma or its equivalent.
  • Other qualifications recognized as equivalent by the Government of Malaysia.



Principles of Communication

Fundamental Computer Principles & Programming

Communication & Soft Skills

Development of Mass Communication Industry

English I

Development Communications

Mass Communication : Concepts and Processes

Print Media I

Editing & Principles of Layout and Design

Photo Journalism

Print Media II

Reporting & Editing

Broadcast Journalism

Television Production

Basics of Camera Light & Sound

Radio Journalism & Program Format

Radio Productions

Advertising in Print, Radio & Television

Press Laws And Media Ethics

Computer Application for Journalism

Information Technology

Event Management : Principles & Methods

Organization & Management

Cyber Journalism

Cyber Technology

Advertising : Concepts & Principles

Global Media

Public Relation

Media Management and Ethics

New Media Technologies

Development in World Media

Contemporary Media Technology

Research Methodologies for Media

Research Project

Industrial Training


The course will help the students to become part of a growing employment sector in mass communication, digital media and corporate communication.

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications (Hons) Job Types includes:

  • Columnist
  • TV Correspondent
  • Art Director
  • Photojournalist
  • Floor Manager
  • Screenwriter
  • Reporter
  • Sound technician
  • Special Correspondent
  • Transmission Executive

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